Should we have an AI thread?

I see things like this and wonder if it’s worth discussing/ bitching about:

I’m all for it… He’s still legendary

Allen Iverson Basketball GIF by Philadelphia 76ers


Legendary at the restaurant at Concord Mills!!

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Woman Plane GIF by Justin


Fuck her. I have carried that type of curse for 25 years!! Grow up!!

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Interesting topic. I’ve been working towards bringing AI to NNN :robot:

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I asked that very question to ChatGPT…here’s the response:

Creating an AI thread can be a valuable endeavor depending on the context and purpose. Here are some considerations to help you decide whether having an AI thread is suitable for your situation:

  1. Topic Relevance: Determine if the topic of AI aligns with the goals and focus of your discussion or platform. If AI is a central theme or if you’re discussing technology, innovation, or future trends, having an AI thread can be highly relevant.
  2. Audience Interest: Consider the interests and preferences of your audience. If your audience includes individuals who are interested in AI, technology enthusiasts, researchers, or professionals in related fields, they may appreciate having a dedicated space to discuss AI topics.
  3. Expertise Availability: Evaluate whether there are individuals with expertise in AI who can actively participate in the thread. Having knowledgeable contributors can enrich discussions and provide valuable insights to participants.
  4. Engagement Potential: Assess the potential for engagement within the AI thread. Will participants actively contribute, ask questions, share resources, and engage in meaningful discussions? A vibrant and interactive thread can enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.
  5. Moderation and Management: Consider how the AI thread will be moderated and managed to ensure that discussions remain constructive, respectful, and on-topic. Clear guidelines and moderation practices can help maintain a positive and productive environment.
  6. Integration with Overall Content: Determine how the AI thread fits into the broader content or theme of your platform. It should complement other discussions and contribute to the overall value proposition for your audience.
  7. Long-Term Viability: Think about the long-term viability of the AI thread. Will it continue to be relevant and engaging over time, or is it a temporary initiative tied to a specific event or trend?

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether having an AI thread is appropriate and beneficial for your community or platform.

A lot of mumbo jumbo if you ask me…

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Chat GPT is a bit of a chatterbox, I prefer the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101. It makes the words count.

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She’s not real…

Meet Aitana, Spain's first AI model, who is earning up to €10,000 a month | Euronews.

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Why don’t we just wait until they(AI) become self aware and they can have the conversation on this forum amongst themselves?

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so you are telling me that Dishon Jackson is going to make more NIL money than her?? Image and likeness? I’m not buying it :slight_smile:

Finally, a Stepford wife for everyone! Maybe this isn’t so bad after all.

AI is thrown around too much. I remember movies on AI where there are cool ass robots and the old jetsons cartoon. People calling a lame ass program that calculates differences or other stupid things shouldn’t be called AI.

AI = cool robots

Everything else needs a new term.

  • yes
  • no
  • let Lutz decide
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clt asks that only AI bots vote please

Local radio host always jokes that anyone working in AI needs to watch the Terminator and Terminator 2 movies. I’m not sure he is wrong :grin:.

Terminator GIF

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lol, no idea but the idea of simply creating an AI spokesperson to promote products, especially a hot one, sounds like a great and less expensive way to promote instead of paying actual models. I read where there’s even been celebrities that have tried to ask this AI model out on a date.

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clt says AI gonna put a lot of “influencers” out of business


AI that takes people’s jobs should be banned.

Call me a Luddite. I don’t care.