Single game football tickets


FYI, 2018 single game tickets go on sale today for FSL holders.


If anyone is selling their App tickets - I could use at least 3, but upwards of 5 to get friends/fellow alums in. No App fans will take your seats.


If anyone is not using their tickets in section 109 this season for certain games PM me.


Probably the wrong thread for this but I’ve got two tickets for opening game (Sept 1). Wife’s cousin is getting married. Section 111, looking to get face value. PM me if interested.


Edit: Reduced to $20 each, this includes orange parking…Also probably the wrong thread but I’ve got two for the ODU game on 9/15 and two for the FIU game on 11/13 I can’t make. Section 102 row 4, face value ($30 each) and I’ll throw in Orange parking


clt says parking is no problem on campus. Just park wherever


I’ve got two for sale in sec 111 for the home opener vs Fordham. $30 each.


Are you talking about Loyal’s or mine? Edit: Nevermind… Gotta keep my eyes on the avatar


I have 6 for App that I can sell to Niner fans. Section 113.

PM me.


clt says you better double check your tickets. the appys already have them.


PMd you


I Have two for Fordham. I’d be thrilled to get 20 bucks for both tickets. 113. Top row. Seats 3 and 4 I think.

Edit: no longer available.


clt says good luck. Appys have purchased every seat in our stadium for the next 5 years


CORRECTION: they are available for $25 each


I have 1 last ticket for App that I’ll sell to a Niner at a fair price. I’ve unloaded 5 other tix on confirmed Niners, so I’m trying to do my part to ensure Charlotte fans are in seats around you.

Section 113, row 9. PM me


I have 2 General admission tix for App that I’ll sell to the Niner fan who convinces me that they will definitely go to the game. If I’m suitably impressed, they can tailgate with me in CRI Green. $30 each


Tickets, unlimited beer and food for $30 each? Sold. Send me pm.


The food is a given. If you think you can outdrink me, You’re on!


Looking for 3 or 4 tickets for App game. Please PM if anyone has some!


I’m looking for 3 tickets to the ODU game on the 15th. I don’t post here very often but I assure you I’ll be cheering for the 49ers. I’m looking to take my son to his first game.