So realistically... How Much Would You Take For Your Inaugural Game Tickets?

I’ve been thinking about this and I’m wondering what you guys think. For those of you with FSLs or season tickets, what cash would you actually take for your inaugural game tickets? I know they’re for sale on StubHub from $400 to $700 a ticket, but I wouldn’t take that for mine. Not even $1,000 a ticket. But if someone upped it to a crazy amount - say $5,000 a ticket I’d do it. I’d say that’s my realistic limit. I’d be absolutely sick about it, but I’d do it. And no creative math like “I’d sell it for $1,000 and buy one on StubHub” or “I’d sell two of my four for…” We’re talking a basic transaction where you miss the game, but get cash. $5k for me. And even if you say “There’s no amount I’d take,” there is. If someone offered obscene money (a million), you’d miss. So what’s your number?

I wouldn’t sell my tickets for the first game. I could be convinced to part ways with any of my other game tickets for a couple hundreds bucks per ticket though.

Probably around $4,000 a piece. Would get rid of a few car payments. I’d probably end up getting SRO tickets or beating up a student.

I’d take $400 a piece easy, sorry if I’m a bad fan.

I have 4 if anyone is interested…

If I knew I could get SRO tickets then I would entertain it for a large sum. If selling them means I miss it - there is no price - unless you get up into some insane amount (100s of thousands). Too much blood sweat and tears has gone into this to miss the minute is all comes true.

I am not interesting in selling my tickets, but there is definitely a price where I will mug one of you, take your tickets, and sell them on StubHub. :o

Since you asked… I would take NOTHING for my tix. I’m sorry some of you need/want cash more than the tix and going to the game(s). I know what it’s like to be in debt and need money, so I understand. Hope you can get things worked out and paid off so you can enjoy NINERS football occasionally in person. Good luck.

I don’t need the money, but $400 for a ticket to Campbell/Charlotte football???

come on…frankly I’ll believe it when I see it

Wow!! That’s a hard jab. I hope you poor bastards are able to afford to eat at nice restaurants one day as well.

Wow!! That’s a hard jab. I hope you poor bastards are able to afford to eat at nice restaurants one day as well.[/quote]

Yeah- it was kind of a prick thing to post if you ask me…

Probably doesn’t have the kind of money to be making statements like that either if I had to lay money on it since it ok to be insulting today.


I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, two of my college roomies live in CO and the 4th(horseman) one is in Concord, the CO boys are flying in Thursday-Monday… this inaugural game is like Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day all combined with watching the FIRST ever Charlotte 49ers Football Game ever and on campus, in person… this is the culmination of so many amazing things all together and I think the energy in the stadium will send shivers through everyone’s body for a life long lasting experience…

Let’s Go Niners!!!

I’ve got 4 and have mulled selling two of them to pay for next years tickets.

Being there is far more valuable to me. The first ever game only happens once and I’ll be dammed if I sell my tickets.

Would not sell unless the buyer is willing to donate a very large number of dollars to our AD. I need the experience way more than the money.

This is a fun thread and all, but didn’t we just sell the last season ticket for 180 dollars like last week, why would anyone shell out 400 bucks for 1 game when they could have had the entire season for half that and still sell the remaining games… sorry for being a negative nancy…

I have wondered how many Camel fans will sell their tickets to 49ers because they really do not care about seeing this game? I wonder how I can get my hands on their tickets?

Yeah… I think $400 is a pipe dream really…

No amount of money that anyone would realistically pay would pry these tickets from my hands. This is the day of days for niner fans.

That dollar amount does not exist.