Southern Miss Game 1/17


Time to make a move and turn the corner on losing close games. Let’s shock the world!!!

Let’s start by shocking folks in Halton first, then go on from there.

If anyone has two lower level tickets available/for sale…please dm, thanks!

Will be interesting to see Doc Sadler on the sidelines. A few years ago, he was at Halton and looked like he had spent the night in his car.

I remember that night well. The studente were cheering every time a guy with blonde hair on usm touched the ball. It got him really flustered and he kept makihg mistakes.

Last 4 games have been within 5 points at the end. Not getting blown out at least.

Why is Bo in the game so much? He has healthy scholarship players right?

Game day organizers, are you entertaining the fans that come every game or the visiting crowd? Why the same timeout entertainment EVERY game? Is there no variety? Options? Is it set it and forget it? Damn. It gets so routine and boring. Do something different!!! It can’t be that hard. Every single game! The ball jousts is the only good thing. Just do that 25x per game.

Apparently Sanchez has a good halftime speech

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Supica and Blight on the floor together for about 5 minutes in the second half killed us. We have a hard enough time scoring and both guys are dead weight on the offensive end.
USM did a good job on JD. We could have called a TO on our last possession and set up a quick shot and a 2 for 1 scenario. Not sure if we had a TO left since we didn’t call one after they hit the winning three.
We had a foul to give at the end and could have played way tighter defense.
Feels like a game we could have won.
Better days are ahead.

2 TOL. We should have called a timeout after the last made 3. There were 2 seconds on the clock. That would have been plenty of time to get a TO, then in ound to half court and call final timeout. We could have then had a decent attempt to tie the game. Let’s not mention that the ref called the game with time still on the clock at .02!!

[quote=“tasheets, post:16, topic:33587, full:true”] Let’s not mention that the ref called the game with time still on the clock at .02!!
[/quote] I think he called the game because our scorekeeper failed to keep the clock running. Not like it mattered, anyway. We weren’t going to steal the inbounds pass and score in .2 seconds.

Did you watch Supica tonight? Struggles all around, Sanchez rode him all night. Execution and handles are all over the place

In the final minute the clock stops on a made shot until the ball is inbounded.

Art. 12. Stop the game clock after a successful field goal with 59.9 seconds or less remaining in the game or in any extra period.

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I think there was only one second left, but still not sure why we didnt call a timeout. Clock didnt start on time is the reason they called the game.