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Some have asked about paypal, patreon, etc…

First of all, what does this cost to run? During the time I was pulling together what you now see as the site, my fixed costs a month were $12.50 for the existing site plus $25 for the new one per month. During the creation there were some purchases here and there for skinning or various feature addons made which were all one time costs. I started pulling this together over Christmas break.

I believe we now know that the $20 (plus $5 for backups) server currently being used will not cut it during heavy load situations (new coach for example). So, I plan to move us to a larger virtual server that will settle us in at $40 (plus $10 for backups) a month. This will give us twice the cores and twice the memory. I run the site through Linode for anyone interested. Of course, there was a lot of time/effort that went into this as well.

Total yearly fixed costs will then be $600 plus domain registration fees.

Anyway, contributions are not necessary to keep this all afloat. I’ve been doing this for quite some time and with the new direction, I’m energized again. I see the effort/time/and money I put into this as supporting the school that I love but also that lead to my gainful employment. So, donations are not needed.

I should also state that we are allowed to use the Niner Nation name through agreement and as part of that, I cannot run this as a for profit site and never intend to do so. I’ve always been heavily against ads, etc.

All that said, if you want to buy me a beer or help defray a little of the server costs, below are a couple ways you can do that:

Patreon can be used at
Keep in mind that it is a subscription where you’ll be subscribing to monthly donations of at least $1 a month. If you use this service, you’ll get a little Patreon bling on your forum avatar.

PayPal no longer supports the donation type links they used to unless you’re a legal business or 503c. I’m neither and don’t want the hassle. However, if you just want to do something as a one time, you can paypal to n i n e r m a c a t g m a i l. Please include a note to let me know it was NNN related and your username. I’ll try to setup a similar support bling as to what Patreon provides, but can’t guarantee that happening.

All that said, I hope everyone is liking the new digs. I’m bias, I know, but have to feel there aren’t many college fan setups this good. We’re ahead of the curve…


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Nice, just set up my Patreon account. Thanks for all you do, Mac.

Niner Nation would not be what we are without NinerNation.Net

Thanks Mac, I’ve been around since 05 and will get mine setup.

I work for a company that provides technology to athletic and alumni foundations. In my time consulting these mostly P5 programs, I get to know their fan sites a lot of times. is a BENCHMARK! I’m not kidding when I say we have one of the nicest fan sites in all of college athletics. That is all thanks to you, Mac.

Thank you so much for all you’ve put into this. I’m going to set up my Patreon account now.


Mac- your contributions can’t be overstated… NN.N has been the one constant for us fans. through thick and thin, we all appreciate all you have done… And totally agree, you have a gain raised the bar for what a message board should be.

Thanks again!


Is there a way I can both sign up for monthly and send you a contribution to help with previous costs?

You can do the paypal mentioned above.

If everyone using the site just chipped in $1 a month, we’d easily be covered.

I get way more than $1 worth of use out of this site every month.

Thanks mac for keeping this bright spot alive during the dark times!

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Happy to set up a monthly contribution, Mac. Thanks for making that a possibility, and thank you for everything you do to keep this site running and improving. We will need it more than ever now that the Mike Hill effect is ramping up. We’re going to have a lot of great stuff to talk about in the coming years and this is the best place for it to happen.

A note to anyone doing Patreon. If you use a different email address with Patreon than what you’re registered as here, you won’t show on the forum as a Patron and have the bling on the avatar.


Thanks for all you’ve done in providing us a platform. The school should be logging into Patreon 1000000x over for the community you provided.


Looks like costs are about halfway to being fully covered. If you haven’t supported yet, please consider doing so today.

Thanks for all you do Mac

Bump, don’t forget to support NNN and help @ninermac cover the operating costs.

I may not post much but this is a great place to come get news about our beloved Niner Nation and to see everyone’s opinions/thoughts. I am happy to donate to each month to keep this baby alive. Thanks for all the hard work that you put in MAC.

Need 14 people to commit a buck a month to cover costs now.

count me in

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Let’s push this over the finish line folks. Through good and bad NNN has kept this fanbase together and been the organizational tool for us to make real change that we wanted (football & AD).

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clt will donate fantasy dollars

bump to support NNN

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