The 90's Music Thread 🎸

Can I toss this out there? I have long thought this very obscure song from Out Hud from the early 2000’s is the spiritual successor to Tom Tom Clubs Genius of Love. Almost no one has ever heard it, but it’s pretty good, and seems like an update of those same ideas, IMHO:

Sorry, I am absolutely obsessed with music and I completely nerd out on this stuff. I’m like the dollar store Matt Pinfield - a poor imitation.

This record needs to be on that list:

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I also think there are a lot of influencer bands not on that list. Dinosaur Jr? And you aren’t gonna put any Alice in Chains on there?

Also, lesser known stuff E.g. this 1994 track by Lilys, which I have mentioned before (this has one of the best grooves ever in a grunge / punk song):

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clt says that list is garbage without hootie.

Love Hootie & the Blowfish but definitely NOT a grunge band.

BTW, also love Garbage! :wink:


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Nothing like musicians sniping at one another etc.


NA, AIC’s Dirt is on the Pitchfork list.

And another recent grunge piece:

In “honor” of Right Said Fred having initially sampled without permission the Jimi Hendrix song “Third Stone From the Sun” on the former’s “I’m Too Sexy,” a live cover by the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan:

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Grohl joins Kim Deal for Gigantic…

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From 1995 VMAs:

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