The 90's Music Thread

This was a gut check for me and my kids. My son went into drums / percussion because of Taylor. This is the first musical loss they have encountered in their lives which reminds me of the effects I had when I first heard SRV had died in the helicopter crash. Just hit different eventhough had experienced Elvis, Skynard crash, and many others.

RIP Taylor. Hell of a musician and underrated technical drummer that was the rare drummer that could be the center of attention during a show instead of lead guitar or front man singer. IMO he held that attention like Peart, Bonham, Copeland and Moon.

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Some pre-FF footage of Hawkins as a member of Alanis Morissette’s touring band:

Hawkins performing with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush during the midst of a Foo show in Toronto:

And a non-musical cameo w/ Dave Grohl in an SNL Digital Short:


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Unlike the Rolling Stones and ZZ Top, FF going on hiatus:

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Wasn’t aware of the “metal” side of Muse:

It’s time again to rock the vote

Let’s get off this,
And get on with it,
if you wanna change the world
shut yer mouth and start to spin it
Get off this
Get on with it
If you wanna change the world
shut your mouth and start this minute

All these cats with holey jeans,
Dirty hair and titty rings
say “what’s your scene man? We got these questions…
Is it true that you have sold your soul?”
I say “hey man, I don’t know
Lend me a quarter won’t you?
I’ll call my accountant.”

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