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Engadget: Kia’s PHEV Sportage SUV is coming to America.

This thing is gonna sell like the RAV4 Prime. Good luck getting one. It’s a good sized reasonably priced, fairly decent quality family SUV that can do most daily driving on battery power alone.

Thats the kinda thing i can make the wife drive for sure.

It’s well over 200 HP and it doesn’t look that bad. Not much compromise there.

These are the same specs as the powertrain in the larger Sorento PHEV, so we suspect the combined output is the same: 261 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. That’s a little more than 30 horsepower over the regular Sportage hybrid.


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All sounds I hate hearing when I’m out in public, or even just driving by where I live. I welcome the silent revolution with open arms.

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That’s because you aren’t a gear head or someone that enjoys driving. I love hearing a vehicle go by and knowing it was an 8 or a turbo 6 or a 4 banger. Hearing a Ducati go by is like a symphony. The sheer mechanical nature of vehicles is just amazing or it was.

I actually enjoy driving pretty well as long as it’s not in traffic. Just despise hearing obnoxiously loud vehicles. If every Harley crashed into a bridge the world would be a better place.

Here is an interesting tidbit. A harley is not any louder than any other vehicle. Assholes putting straight pipes on cars and bikes are assholes though and that comes in every make and model. A stock harley is not loud. To be great sounds doesn’t mean it has to be loud sounds.

The absence of the mechanical nature in an ICE robs the driver of the visceral experience of driving and limits it to just point and go. I felt that way about automatics and even more so with EVs.

“It’s not a massive energy output - only enough to boil about 60 kettles’ worth of water“ wamp wamp wamp

Drove the ioniq 5 today and found it impressive. Interior a little more barebones than I’d like, but not too bad.

Faster charging than Tesla, taking roughly 20 minutes to hit 80% and 48 minutes from 0-100 as long as you’re on a level 3 charger.

Was disappointed that the batteries are under the hood rather than in the floor. Under the hood looks like an ICE. Can tell Hyundai is trying to appeal to car traditionalists with the design

How did it drive?

Very nicely imo. Didn’t try sport mode because I didn’t discover it until near the end of the test drive. Normal mode has solid acceleration.

It’s so quiet inside. Hyundai apparently put an emphasis on sound dampening so it’s very easy to speed and not realize it.

I’m a fan.

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Installed an minn Kota terrova riptide and 2 group 31 batteries in/on my boat. Kicked my ass, but I am officially electric now

“Sure, this invention will never provide the same vibrations, responses, and feelings that a true manual would, but it’s better than nothing.”

Sums up my feelings.

IGN: The DeLorean Is Officially Back, And It’s Electric - IGN.

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Ive been saying for years now that the Delorean needs to be revived as an EV. So glad it’s finally happening. I would love one, but I imagine they will be quite pricey.