The EV news thread 🔌

Oh yeah can’t believe I didn’t mention Hyundai. They are doing a great job.

The Kia EV6 is not too bad either. Same platform as the Hyundai.

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I was going to test drive one but the only one I saw had a $10,000 market adjustment on it, so that made it a hard no.

Probably going to buy the ioniq 5 this week.

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I love the look of that.

But I am still frustrated that these vehicles aren’t really available, and certainly aren’t price competitive yet. Not even close. Even with the overheated market on ICE cars inflating their prices (here is your telluride with a 20k markup).



Ended up buying the ioniq and it Is a really fun car to drive. Couldn’t disagree with nwa more about it being a soulless driving experience

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Man how in the hell did you get one? I was told it would be a 12 month wait.


No motor sound no shifting no exhaust note = soulless. It might be nice and a great experience but I have yet to drive an ev that conjured up any attachment. Tesla, BMW Honda - all felt like I was riding in a appliance vs a connection to the vehicle and road. You can’t replicate the feeling of a v8 whirling or the turbo sucking in air. Glad you like it, it’s your car. ill avoid them as I can. A computer doing the driving for me isn’t what I want.

The car he got isn’t self driving.

No but EVs take care of a lot of the driving for the driver and most are just a software update from self driving. Hell most modern ICEs do a lot of the driving for you too. I hate automatics, I don’t really like SUVs. I can’t wait To get the wife one. But I’ll probably go to my grave hating driving them. That’s just me though. Rest of the world can embrace them all they want. I’ll just drive a 50 year old car when I’m 90 :grin:

It’ll do 80% if the driving for me if I want. Typing this as the car steers for me now. It’s not as advanced as Tesla, but on relatively straight roads I don’t have to do anything. It doesn’t handle tight curves well and makes me steer.

I ask this genuinely, why the hell are you in this thread? Seriously. Half your posts read like you’re having a stroke, and the other half read like a grumpy old man screaming that the automobile is a fad, the horse buggy is here to stay. I get it, you don’t like EVs. Thats fine. I don’t like ICE cars, but I’m not hanging out in the ICE car thread going off about how shitty your crappy gas car is. To each his own, we all like different things. But maybe instead of clogging this thread with your posts that make you look like a dementia riddled old crank, go have a drink and yell at the neighborhood kids to get off your lawn or whatever is you do for fun, assuming you know what fun is. Jesus.


Fort mill Hyundai had two :man_shrugging:. They got five in and three were presold.

Greensboro also had one when I checked.

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Nice. What color did you get? I haven’t found one that really looks great to me. They’re all kinda meh online. Maybe better in person?

Cyber gray

Looks whiter there than it actually is.

It seems to get a lot of looks when I drive around.


It looks fantastic man. If it were a little bigger in the back I’d buy one in a heartbeat. It has everything else I need. But not great for hauling around my dog and all the family’s crap for vacation.

I like it so far. Ready for my house to be done so I can charge at home. Fortunately have this charger at my complex for a reasonable price, but it’s still more than home charging would cost.

It comes with 2 years of free fast charging in the electrify america system though.

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