The Plane - Fire Judy Rose! Help wanted new AD needed! Home Coming 2017

I’m so proud! Thank you.

Great job bckicker3! Hats off to ya

Enjoy your crow Fick! :slight_smile:

You’re a legend kicker!! Always believed in you

Thank you!!

Absolutely perfect.

I wish there was room for her hashtag on it (#manageexpectations).

We seriously need to start printing shirts to wear to the games now.
One side says…“Managing expectations in all sports since the '90’s”"
Side 2 says…“Retire (or Fire) Judy”

Or hats.

Bring signs.

Embarrass the hell out of her until she gets the message and bolts.

Fire Judy chant from 102 just now. Let’s upgrade to the whole stadium.

Great job bckicker. I’m proud to be a Niner again.

Get everyone in on it 49R… I want to hear it on TV!


At Oktoberfest a guy at my table said the banner was sexist. I, probably too aggressively, said it would be sexist not fly the banner.

The fug? Sexist?! lmao… She just sucks as an AD period, male or female. That dude needs to be punched

Perhaps Judy is preparing to take the entitled female approach and claim we don’t want her because she is a female.

Someone wasted $ today…will make no difference in any aspect of this athletic program…Lambert can go winless this year AND next before it’s even a blip on anyone’s radar.

Rose has been here too long. Lambert has been here long enough to build a program and not go winless in year 5. He will finish the season, but should be fired. If our board of trustees trusts, pardon the pun, Rose to make the next hire, we are doomed for at least another decade. Now is the time for a complete overhaul of our athletic department! Ground up!

So what time and for how long was the up?

BC, awesome ! People definitely noticed at the student tailgate. Let’s see what happens

It was discussed by Judy on the pregame show.

What did she say?

I believed you would deliver.