The Search for a New Men's Basketball Coach has begun

What would you like to see as qualifications for the new coach?

Who are some previous Division 1 college basketball coaches that are currently not coaching?

Rumor has it that Biff is bringing in the St. Francis Academy head coach…

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Definitely a head coach at a successful program

Greg marshall. Save the hundred grand. At least we are using a service.

Strike that, misread and assumed. Not sure we will be using a service.


If we hire Marshall, then I’m probably done with Niner athletics across the board.

I’m hoping a coach popped up with availability that was too good for Hill to pass on.

We are in dire straits, but not desperate enough to hire Marshall

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That off-set money probably doesn’t cost us much

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Lutz would be a great interim to oversee things during the search process.


That didn’t take long.



Love Bobby but not the answer

So now we are stuck trying to get someone off cycle. Basketball has been such a cluster for freaking ever.

We pad wins with the tire tournament, lost our two best players by far and now Sanchez heads out after the coach churn is done.

Fuck me

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Offset money?

Sorry my sarcasm meeter is broken.

If he quits, he gets $0. Just to be clear.

also, any chance we offer the job to Fearne? There seems to be some favorable opinion of him… Also might keep the team together if we aren’t ready to make a big hire.

For all the Lutz devotees, he got promoted from Assistant when Watkins left. Just saying.

Not sure where you go now to be honest. Hopefully AAC money coming let’s us be somewhat aggressive.

We need to go with an interim coach. We don’t want to be getting someone from the bottom of the barrel at this time of year and give him a 5 year deal.


I’d assume there was an agreement