The University needs to find housing for 440 students 🏠

Charlotte Observer: ‘An unexpected number.’ UNC Charlotte needs to find housing for 440 students.

So what happens if you decide to stay on the waitlist? Housing will try to assign you a space as cancellations come in. If housing is completely filled up before move-ins, they will accommodate you in an alternative housing space off campus. The details are still being discussed but that could look like living in a hotel or apartment complex off campus until a space is open for you to move into. * At the end of the day you will have somewhere to move in, as the housing contract says in section G . Whether or not it will be on campus or in an alternative housing space is not determined

Gah. I had no idea it cost that much to live on campus. That’s nuts. $6760 for a double occupancy in Sanford Hall for the year, and that’s the cheapest? For that cracker box? That’s basically $6760/8 or $845/mo to share a jail cell with some random booger eater you just met.

Most of the other housing options are over $1k/mo. Yikes.

Yeah, it’s just as cheap for us to do a 12 month 3 bedroom apartment for our daughter split 3 ways in Chapel Hill.

Still cheaper with the added benefit of not Having to help her move out at end of school year and then back in again a couple months later.

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The university has about 6,000 beds and about 8,000 housing applicants, she said

clt says we continue to grow. let’s go to 35k.

But world still calls the campus a commuter school :grinning:


I haven’t been able to find the article since I first saw it, but a couple of years ago in one of the stories about the apartment complexes around campus, there was a quote that, IIRC, something like 17-20k students live on campus or in apartments adjacent to campus.

This hasn’t been a commuter school for a long time now.


Not a short-term fix but I would like to see some of the under utilized strip malls surrounding campus demolished and converted to more student friendly communities. The city has put little thought into how University City should develop. Maybe the university buys properties near campus. The chancellor needs to be pressing the city to help improve the area to lower crime. A lady was killed at an ATM earlier this week near campus. How are you going to continue to attract students if the area has elevated levels of crime?

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Yeah. It’s just a convenient, but ignorant slam that fans of unc-tweetsie and ezu like to use. Tiresome.

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So you respond to others mischaracterizing your school by using stupid nicknames to demean their schools? Lol, well done


As long as the area has rent by the room apartments that are the only place poor people can afford to live, we will have higher crime rates then other parts of the city.

All the run down 30 year old starter neighborhoods don’t help either, and unfortunately nothing about those will change. They’ll just continue getting worse as the residents that live there can’t afford to make repairs or upkeep the property.

The part that kills me in that somehow having commuters makes a school less than?

It means we are answering a very important need - helping kids that don’t have the money or are saving money by living at home. As costs keep going up we are going to be very well positioned in a population center for kids that are smart with college finances. I’ll probably encourage my kids to live at home for a year or two mostly because its a smart financial play. Thumbing your nose at a kid that elects to stay home is elitist, privileged and honestly pretty stupid.


clt says a student living in noda or southend can “commute” via light rail.


Yes please.

They are doing something like that over by the Hilton, but I think those are going to be condos and not student apartments.

But we have way too many strip malls and other dead retail near campus. If Home Depot and Lowe’s ever leave, it’s going to get worse.

BTW, this is a prevalent issue at colleges all over the place. Trying to maintain the community around campus can sometimes be a challenge depending on urban planning and commitment of the city / community.

clt says usc has this issue in la

Look at GT for years.

They’re just apartments. Ucity is way too shitty for any developer to risk the kind of money required to build a large scale condo project.

Glad you caught my intended irony. Would have hated to waste it.

I’m sharp like that, lol

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Would be nice if the university could build or buy apartments around the university & require anyone renting to be a student. I’m sure a privately owned apartment complex couldn’t do that but maybe if the university owned them they could. That may not be allowed. i really don’t know. It’s really crazy that living on campus costs more than off campus apartments.

Is a food plan required for on campus living still?