Tickets For The Game @Appy

If you’re like me and need more than 4 tickets, they are going onsale through Appy on July 22nd at 9am.

clt says use the promo code “ice” for 49% off a purchase of 2 or more tickets


clt says good luck flying into this game folks. Appy doesn’t have a suitable airport within 90 mins

And then the possible rock slide sending you back down the mountain or closing the road making you miss the game.


Title of image on Amazon: “Falling Rocks / Falling Ice”

It’s ok you can watch on TV. App is in 37 TV markets, has billions of fans across the world, and have sold over a trillion bumper stickers…the game will on all the ESPN channels

That’s just one car, right?

I already got my tickets but on the App St home side my bro is a App St alum :neutral_face:
so if you see a green speck in the middle of the App ST crowd wearing white across from the visitor section thats me

clt asks if the appys have figured out which colour to wear? Another blackout?

If you get tickets through the Appys don’t forget the Visiting Sections are 208 and 209 (Sold Out). I’m not sure what areas will be available but there will be solid Green there if you can get near us.

Anyone know where we’ll be tailgating yet? Or any ideas of how to smuggle in (water) ice?

Definitely going to try and get as close to those sections as possible. I’m assuming the band is sitting up there judging by the map on their website:

Hope to luck out in the onsale and get some in 108.

I know the alumni tailgate is at the Jones House but I’m not dealing with that given the poor location.,-81.6836072,19z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0xcabbbf066e900472!2sMast+General+Store+Boone!8m2!3d36.218703!4d-81.6835736!3m4!1s0x8850fa0e893b2f0d:0xb3a03097fefc2489!8m2!3d36.218635!4d-81.68306

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clt says look at that glorious track!

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It surprises me that their best seats only require a $500 annual donation. No wonder they cannot afford ice.

2017 Contributions:

Charlotte - $5,045,106
Appy - $2,918,412

While it is significantly more than App, it’s an area we’ve stagnated in for a long time. I imagine we’ll see that finally start to trend upwards moving forward.

My tickets are through an App booster guy. Positive probably great seats, negative surround by App folks, positive - I get to piss off App folks!

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App annual seat donation may be low but they do have solid minimums on tailgate parking spots from what i read. Most desirable spots $1000-2500.

App folk sat near me last year and I lost my shit on the ass hole. Apologized to others around us with kids, but I was livid. You’re going to catch hell. Stay classy.

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Classy? You know me.

I am just imagining what our contributions would be if we had won 10+ games, the conference championship and a bowl game 3 years in a row. Probably adding those two numbers together would not be enough.