Time for fund drive?

With the site down Sat and Sunday it reminded me we haven’t had a fund drive for Mac lately. What say you NNN?

Sounds like a reasonable plan.

Sounds good to me. Mac just needs to say the word. It would be extremely hard to keep up with the Niners without NN.N. Especially for us out of town folks.

Sounds good to me too. I don’t like downtime.

I am in.

To paypal $ to Mac for the site:


[font=arial]If I remember correctly it cost around $1200 a year for the site? I think that is what the bar used to say, but I might be recalling wrong.

Great idea. I’m in!

Have we set a fundraising goal or officially started yet?

No - Can one of the mods check with Mac and see what our yearly costs are? Or maybe see if we can get the donation bar back on the site so we can see where we are?

Do we need to do another one of these for Mac?

Thanks for thinking about me NWA. If you want to support feel free to checkout the support thread here:


Yep, look for the orange dot next to an avatar, those are monthly patrons (patreon).

Are you fully funded? See $42/mo. from patreon. If folks need to step up more just ask.

I appreciate any and all support, but regardless of fully funding or not, it will continue on. At one point I was a little over, but over time it’s fallen off a bit.My costs are still pretty much fixed at $50 a month.


Thanks for this site and everything you do, Mac. You just say the word and we’ll step up as needed.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if our monthly pledges paid for the site, and a few adult beverages for Mac. For anyone considering going the Patreon route, most people today are giving $1 or $2 per month. For me, I put it on a credit card I never use and it keeps it active. It is easy to set up, and a bargain for the amount of time many of us spend here.

sent $50 via PayPal.