I love Lost and think it’s one of the best shows to come along in a while but after watching 24 last night, I was reminded at just how incredibly good it is. The first two seasons were phenomonal and based on last night’s 2-hour premier, it doesn’t look like the quality is going to drop any despite losing some key characters. Last night was intense, especially as the first hour concluded.

If anyone hasn’t already got on the 24 bandwagon, you’re missing out on one of the greatest shows of all time. Back on again tonight for another 2 hours. And if you haven’t watched them, I suggest renting the first two seasons on DVD.

I agree. The only thing I would suggest is not to watch it on TV…wait until they’re out on DVD, or you’ll go crazy waiting until the next week.

It’s quite addicting. My roommates and I have pulled several all-nighters watching the first couple of seasons.

I haven’t seen any of the first two seasons, but I watched the two hour premiere last night and thought it was very good. I have the other episodes that came on last night on the dvr, so I will probably watch this whole season. Judging by what happened in the first two hours, I’d say its going to be a very evenful day. :o

I don’t think I have time to sit down and watch the first two seasons though… I still have two seasons of The Sopranos left to watch before the new one starts. Maybe I can find a recap of the first two 24 seasons on the internet somewhere.

I’ve never watched it before but I watched on Sunday and Monday and I’m hooked. Very well done show. I already hate the CTU head and the consultant they brought in.

I’m dying to see next week’s episode.

Last night’s episodes weren’t as good as Sunday night’s but 24 is a show that builds up week by week. Last season was so intense, it was hard to handle at times but I do miss some of the key characters (Palmer, Tony, Michelle, etc.) from last year.

The first season is still the best IMO but this one has the potential to be just as good.

And yeah, the new CTU head is hard to stomach. The guy she replaced was an ass too but things didn’t turn out so well for him in the end. I won’t spoil it in case anyone decides to rent the 2nd season.

I love the show and have watched the all the previous seasons. But I am starting to get a little bothered that Jack has now saved the world from destruction 3 times, yet the powers that be still don’t trust him??? What does a guy have to do??? I hate how the bring in stupid storylines as well ie: Driscolls skitzo daughter and the black chick they brought in for support. It would be better in my opinion if they just played it straight. But I’ll keep watching, because as frustrating as it is sometimes it is still a great show and the fastest 60 minute in television.

I agree. I thought the whole convenience store robbery was way too overdone. Was all of that really necessary just to stall a terrorist for a few minutes??? And we’re talking about Jack, the guy that was known by every figure of authority for the last 2 presidential terms. He should have just got out of the car at the roadblock and said “Uhhh, Jack here…I think you know me considering my job is to protect the most important people in the United States government!!”

Show is great and some of the questionable storylines always seem to work themselves out for the better of the show so I’m not worried. I just really miss Palmer…he was superb on that show. And they need to hurry up and bring Kim back on. :wub:

[i]Originally posted by jcl49er[/i]@Jan 12 2005, 11:44 AM [b] I thought the whole convenience store robbery was way too overdone. Was all of that really necessary just to stall a terrorist for a few minutes??? [/b]
I thought the same thing. Why not just slash his tire so he has to change it? And why on earth did he go to the trouble of blacking out the convenience store cameras and then take his mask off so anyone there could ID him? Then he takes off in the guy's Lexus and doesn't ditch it after a while. He had to know the cops would be looking for that car.

Very good show, but that was dumb.

Last 2 epi’s have been very strong. Love the return of Tony.

I thought so to. I was glad to see they caught the plant in CTU. I really hated her and was suspicious of her from the beginning. Sucks that other girl got tortured but he, you can’t make an omlet without breaking a few eggs. :lol:

Couldn’t agree more. Bringing Tony back was a brilliant move because he was such a fan favorite last season. Plus, he and Jack make for a great duo in the field.

The last two episodes have been superb and hopefully it will continue to get better, as it normally does. Seems like they’re really making it intense early on this year, whereas last year it just gradually built up towards the end. Not a dull moment this season.

Sure wish Kim would hurry up and get back though. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t rented it yet, you NEED to rent “Girl Next Door” it is a great movie and she looks amazing. I love to look at her on 24, but her character drives me crazy.

Is this show still suppose to take place in one day? I haven’t really gotten into watching the show but I just don’t see how one man can save the world in what, four times in four days (considering the show has been on for four years I believe).

You need to watch it to get it. Jack has saved the world on 3 going on 4 times. Those shows are based on the events happening on one day(a 24 hour period), but the days are separated by a year. Jack needs time to recover from the loss of a loved one or drug addiction, no way he could save to world 4 times in 4 days in a row, that would be WAY to far fetched.

I didn’t think it happened four days in a row but the same guy saving the world for four years straight? This guy should be a national hero. Ah well, it’s TV. Maybe I’ll get caught up by renting the DVD’s.

[i]Originally posted by CPA_Niner[/i]@Feb 11 2005, 04:39 PM [b] I didn't think it happened four days in a row but the same guy saving the world for four years straight? This guy should be a national hero. Ah well, it's TV. Maybe I'll get caught up by renting the DVD's. [/b]
Both the first and second season are phenomonal CPA. If you don't have the patience/time for both seasons, just start with the 2nd one because it's more relevant to this one. Good thing about 24 is that even if you missed the previous season, it's easy to not feel lost. The wiped out virtually the entire cast after last season so with the exception of Jack, Chloe, Tony and Kim (if she comes back), everyone is new.

As I said earlier in the thread, season two is intense and well worth renting. First season is great too.

the last two episodes of 24 have been home runs.

They seriously need to bring back the Girl Next Door.
Glad Pres. Palmer is an Advisor, although if I was the (VP) Pres. fill-in’s advisor (the old one,) I would have taken his resignation because he sucks, had him continue to do press conferences until after the tragedy, & have the next guy (Speaker of the House) run things to be realistic. Bringing back an ex-Pres. is not realistic. (Especially of the other party.)
The young guy that advises the new Pres. (VP) doesn’t seem trustworthy. Everyone could see that CTU had a good reason to interrogate the American, but he talked the Pres. (VP) into holding off. I think he’s a Marwan plant.
The Pres. (VP) was an idiot. If you want to arrest Jack, wait until the next day. I’m surprised the damn Cabinet didn’t overthrow his butt, when he put the whole mission in jeopardy to prove he’s in charge. Of course it’s the old advisor’s fault for not lying to a guy you know to be a moron that can’t do his job.
Shouldn’t CTU have been able to get the girlfriend to give the boyfriend’s phone # & tracked it’s location in under a minute in Iowa, instead of wasting time driving to the house in CA? What a crock.
Why does no one ever show signs of fatigue? Hello, they’ve been up about 18 hours straight now.
I already know that DOD Sec. is going back to her estranged hubby, not Jack, even if the hubby dies, she’ll live as a Widow.

I still like the show, but it gets a little more unbelievable each week… Air Force One is shot down and the nuclear football is loose… and CTU sends 2 guys to get it back? Then the terrorists manage to get away in a jeep in the middle of the desert despite the helpicopter chasing them?

And why was Audrey so mad that Jack tortured a terrorist this week? She didn’t even get that mad when he tortured her husband earlier this season.

And most of the things CTU does with computers are absolutley ridiculous.

Oh well… it’s still a pretty good show. B)

Does anyone else thing the young guy that advises the Pres. (VP) is a Marwan plant?

The guy that was the terrorist dad at the beginning of the season had a cameo on Alias last night.