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Dang. Not a Trekkie, but this looks promising and the reviews of the first episode are pretty darn favorable. Said it’s a throwback to classic Trek storytelling (one episode = one story, with the same themes and mood as old Trek). No complaints about heavy woke messaging, etc.

Of course it airs the day after the month is signed up to watch USMNT soccer ends. Is it worth reupping my subscription?

I have a paramount and watched discovery and Picard. Discovery was in full woke mode. Picard wasn’t as bad but still had moments.

I watched bits and pieces of both and they just weren’t good. The writing was bad and the storylines varied between uninteresting and depressing. There was none of the classic sense of wonder, etc of the old shows.

Discovery was particularly awful.

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I enjoyed second Picard more so than the first. Discovery was just bad.

Also moonknight is bonkers. Watching finale tonight and off to Dr strange tomorrow.

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This guy fell asleep watching the first 3 episodes and hated the show. Thought you’d at least find it an interesting read @Nineradvocate

I’ve been trying to make myself watch episode 10 for the longest time (months now). Hard to get into it.

IGN: Andor Heads to Disney+ in August.

Obi Wan - first two episodes?


Pacing is pretty slow, without much payoff. Writing feels very thin.

It’s a bait and switch. Show is really about the junior inquisitor character. They “deconstructed” (made him a depressed wimp) Obi Wan too. Full on Luke treatment. Gross.

I wish they left Obi Wan’s bravery and nobility intact.

Wish we got a Satine / Mandalore flashback.

And I wish they hadn’t killed Ventress off in Clone Wars. She would have been a much better baddie.

season 3 witches of the mist GIF by Star Wars

Just watched the latest Better Call Saul episode and it keeps getting better. What a great show.

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I wanted so much to like this show but it’s almost laughably bad writing and acting. I may give it another episode and hope it improves but dang, Disney is missing a lot more than they’re hitting nowadays.

The chase scene with kiddy Leia is probably the worst thing I have ever seen in Star Wars. And that’s really saying something. They had to keep cutting away because the adults kept catching up to her. It was brutal.

Honestly, it reminded me of some of the comically bad Hoth outtakes that got left on the cutting room floor. I can’t believe the bar has been lowered so much.

Kathleen Kennedy reportedly stepped in and made them rewrite this show… She has been an absolute failure with this IP. One of the worst stewardships of an established IP in the history of everything.


I don’t understand why they have a 5 year old playing a 10 year old also… I have a 10 year old daughter and she’s a giant compared to that little girl… its just so unrealistic… hope it get’s better but like you said so far no good.

EDIT: so I was curious and looked up how old the actual actress is, she will turn 10 next week. so I guess she was 9 when the filmed… maybe even 8? She is just so short, and like you said 3 grown adults could catch her in a minute… horrible.


That girl looked like she was 5. Ran like it too.

She also had to read her lines off of cue cards too often.

I’m sure she is absolutely adorable in person, but she wasn’t up to this role. They should have cast an older actress.

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I agree with just about everything you guys have said. Worst acting I’ve seen in all of Star Wars. Ewan was the only thing about it I could stomach watching, but everything else was 1000% absolute crap.

It’s almost as if this show was targeted towards 6 year olds, but with too much violence. What a complete and utter F-up by the mouse. They ruin everything.

I like obi wan being beat down. I like the inquisitors story. I like leia being the reason he comes out of hiding. I like the pacing but dear god SW and their casting and dialogue. Kathleen Kennedy and her mismanagement of what was probably the worlds most valuable IP. It’s just crazy.

I don’t think obi wans current situation fits That description. He thought he killed his best friend. Watched his order get destroyed by people he trusted. Everyone he was close to was gone the few left were hunted like dogs. He was legit scared and alone. He had but one mission, protect the boy in a lonely planet being reminded of his failure and the cost of that failure in the galaxy. That is what he was doing. I love it. I also loved Lukes situation - that was all I liked of that movie. Now if Obi stays in this mental place then obviously we have a problem and he never becomes the guy that finishes maul. Let’s see where this goes.

You liked Luke in Last Jedi?

I don’t think we can be friends anymore. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: