UAB @ Charlotte 1/15 5PM ESPNU; 1/16 4PM ESPN+

I am very pleased to see that one of these is on ESPNU. I hope we rebound from that atrocity this past weekend and play well on national TV.


ESPN wouldn’t mention our D2 loss… would it? :shushing_face:

I feel sure they will------within the first minute of the broadcast I bet.


My level of care for our basketball program is at an all time low. And it’s been really really low before. The saddest thing is losing to Belmont Abbey - I didn’t even get angry. I just laughed.

Also it’s been great living in Belmont. Having to hear Abbey folks talk shit is an all time low.


I am asking for it by even posting that. Be gentle.

Hopefully we’re enthused by conference opponents and turn it around!

Was the Syracuse coach pissed?

“Le Moyne really outplayed us from the beginning of the game to the end,” Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said. “They [the Orange] are very, very young mentally. They really have got to grow up. We couldn’t stop them on the dribble. That’s something we’ve been looking at in practice.”

One other interesting comparison here is that Boeheim is also a system coach.

Having now looked at the article, I see that several players feel like I want ours to.

“It’s very disappointing,” said Wes Johnson, in his first season after transferring from Iowa State. “Hopefully, we can learn from this and move in the right direction.”

“It’s just embarrassing the way we played,” said Rautins, born and raised in Syracuse. “It’s embarrassing to ourselves and our fans. It wasn’t luck that they won. They came out and beat us fair and square.”

Man don’t roast me, but 'Cuse finished that season 30-5, losing to Butler in the Sweet 16.

I can only hope that this was as much of a wake up call to our team as it was to Syracuse.

We definitely play up or down to the level of our opponent this season. Almost all of our games have been close and we’ve blown leads in many games that we have lost. I expect more of the same.

Problem is we already had some wake up calls - and we slept through them.

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clt bets espn complains about our jerseys


When did the team quit running suicide sprints?

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They would still be running if I was the coach

LeMoyne over Cuse was a big one but Chaminade over #1 UVA in 1982 probably still the biggest upset of a DI by a lower division school.

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UAB head coach Andy Kennedy making his first trip to Halton since his time as an assistant to Bob Huggins at Cincy back in 2005. He talks about this weekend’s series at the 11:30 mark of the following video: