UCONN leaving AAC

UCONN is expected to return to the Big East in 2020 according to ESPN. This is for all sports except for football which is undetermined from ESPN. We can always hope the Mike Hill has us in position to move to the AAC

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Holy cow. Wish this had happened 3-4 years later.


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I don’t think it matters now or 4 years from now. Either way it’s on potential. What is important is we have the master plan coming, we have committed to winning in multiple sports, we have new proactive leadership. We can make this happen and this is why we hired someone like Mike Hill.


So if it doesn’t happen we can say we hired the wrong guy?

Please let this happen

We need to be all over this immediately. Whatever it takes.


And regardless of if it does happen…we’ve got the proper leadership in place to address it. Mike Hill has the pedigree, the connections, the vision and the foresight to plan for making this move. If Judy was here…not a damn chance in hell she would be ready for it or could do anything about it.

Plus, Hill has been here long enough to show the culture he’s establishing and the future direction he’s already been putting into motion. Especially with his hires…not just coaching but his admin hires shows his plan for running the department like a P5 AD.

All of that matters.

Now…you have 1 of the largest schools in the state in one of the largest and fasting growing cities in the country…not to mention the tv market. But add to that the leadership with a P5 mindset. An upcoming football program, a history of a nationally relevant basketball program, solid soccer, baseball and golf programs…and track & field killing it recently.

I wish we had a couple more years to show improved respectability in the current football & basketball programs…but the coaching hires and recruiting shows we are heading back up in both.

We are primed and ready right now with Hill at the helm…I am confident in his ability to share all of that and his vision to any future prospective conference.

We will be a highly desired addition for a wide range and depth of reasons…again because of what Hill is doing here.


No. But you can and will.

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Well sportsman who do you feel has a better chance at making this happen - an AD that had been here for 3 decades, who was always reactionary, who had no vision, etc or an AD from an SEC school, with tons of connections, who has already taken steps to change out brand, who is in the process of facilities review etc.

Nothing is guaranteed but we hired someone with the resume and connections to make this happen.

I think Sportsman is trolling as always.

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Another point with the AAC…they are certainly considered more of a Basketball conference over football. Our Hoops history should play a big role and certainly what Dirty Sanchez does with this recruiting class.

I think our entire resume (as stated earlier) gives us a great shot as it is…but if Dirty Sanchez can take his recruiting class this year and make some noise and follow up with another great class…it could be the final exclamation point to the statement for a more Hoops centric conference.

I bet there will be at least a dozen or so of Hill’s SEC contacts reaching out to the AAC on his behalf advising them to snatch us up because of Mike Hill. Guaranteed. Our references will be phenominal.

How hard is it to link to actual news sources?

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I know this is a long way from done. But, this is the “ultimate game changer” we need. Sure we still have to win some games. But man, with all the changes that have occurred in the program the last 18 months, I can not even imagine what this one would do to this school if this really happened. I’m sure we are all over it. Just imagine the day you hear that announcement.

As much as I laugh at this P6 crap they came up with, I would be all for it.

I’d like to think Hill already thought about this possibility before taking the job. Hopefully discussions have already taken place and now he just has to seal the deal.

MWC school
CUSA school

In that exact order.

Why would any MWC school want to move to AAC?

Horrific travel costs and no immediate rivals.

Conference additions at this point are all about resume and potential ceiling.

All of our demographics gives us the largest ceiling of potential than any other school looking to make a move. Our resume with Hill in charge has never looked better…and again, Hill’s references will be impeccable.

Army and BYU will be offered first over everyone else. They have to turn down the offers before anyone else is considered. Good chance BYU stays independent. Army has turned them down before but I still think they are 50/50.