UK trying 4 day work week

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I need to start working 4 days a week. I could use the extra money; maybe get out of the basement

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clt says connect the dots, Washington post is owned by amz, they want folks shopping

I saw something on TV the other day about this phenomenon which I didn’t know anything about. But it’s gaining traction.

If anything moves us to a four day work week this will.

Where the kids go we go as a society.


Well, that didn’t take long.


I don’t know how you compel it and ensure pay is the same.

I would like to see private industry adopt the policy without being compelled to. But then, I guess I want a lot of things that are never going to happen, like a 49er championship in a revenue sport.

As a free market capitalist believer I hate compelling private industry to do anything, but as a pragmatic person I know business - especially big business is not going to make such a change unless either told to by the govt or incentivized to by the govt.

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This is ridiculous.

Geez. That sounds like the same language that was used to get the 40 hour work week early in the 1900s. What happens in 75 years. Are people going to want to go to a 3 day week? How about we actually strive to get people to actually work 40 hours instead of less (manipulated “part time” employees to avoid giving people benefits) or more (abused salaried workers who work far more than 40).

  1. Applies only to non salaried employees. Will result in even more people being on salary that shouldn’t be.

  2. What about salaried employees? No relief or thought for them? For salaried employees I would say this. “Can we actually get down to a 40 hour work week before we look at going below that??” Salaried workers are completely abused in my experience with regard to work load hours and overtime.

  3. A federal law compelling private enterprise and private employees to do anything this drastic feels like a bad idea. Too big of a change. Too invasive.

  4. Some more simple changes could help more.

A. Raise the minimum wage.
B. Mandatory overtime for salaried workers after a certain hour level (45 perhaps?).

Finally how about the government goes after tax cheats and corporate tax dodgers first. Paying their fair share would be a great use of government oversight. Not something this dumb.

clt says we had a professor interviewed for this.

4 day work week and less meetings!

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How about all these card swipers now asking for tips for shit that has NEVER been tipped in the recent past?

How much you tip for ice cream scooper?

Saw a tip bucket at a tent festival where a table was selling bottled soda/water.

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