UMass Football Postgame

Good win and we won the way we were expected to. Handled business.

From last year’s game to this year, huge difference. Does the coaching staff really make that big of a difference?? Or we just get a little better and them a lot worse? I feel if lambert was coach we maybe win a nail biter 27-24.

… but special teams… another TD given up? Come on man! Punter didn’t help any with the line drive. Next week I really hope we kick punts out of bounds and kickoffs out of the end zone.

Next week will be interesting. Big game and week for such a young program. I’m sure the new staff and AD will promote the heck out of it. Last year to this year, night and day.


Understand that UMass isn’t good but smoking an FBS team is still another step in the right direction.


Student section started out lite at kickoff but filled in. I’d say pretty good attendance for a UMass game.

Stadium experience so much better this year and starts with the enthusiasm coming from the field.

Norm’s Tavern was way better. My longest wait for a beer was maybe 3 minutes. From 4 stations and 4 cashiers to 6 stations and 12 cashiers… $$$.

Lambert is a loser. Yes, great coaching is the difference. Here’s to hoping 34 is able to return for our bowl game. We were getting gashed after his leg injury.

Ratliff! Nice run for 6!

Great win! Great crowd! Excited!

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lambert is a nice guy who never should have been hired. healy is the real deal. we need a new special teams coach but the vibe around athletics is 180 from judy regime. our depth at rb and wr is real and recruiting looks solid. team plays prepared and with energy. still waiting to find out hwo the big recruit commit is.

Good crowd despite the announced number… the Forty Niner chants were finally loud and in synch and sounded great live.

Best all around game I’ve ever witnessed a Niner team play.

Reynolds is so good with his decision making…it’s such a drop off when Kean comes in. Still wish Reynolds had Kean’s size and arm strength but Reynolds can play.

Heard Gemmel tell soemone after the game he’s hopefully only out a couple of weeks.

Shaking the player’s hands after the game is fun…got to tell everyone and the coach that they are making us all proud to be Niners!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do whatever is necessary to avoid injuries next week.

I’m sure I’m biased but truly feel we can compete for the conference this year. We have a veteran line, a good defense, great skill players and a QB that makes great decisions and gets the ball to the skill players efficiently and effectively. Also have a true weapon at kicker. If we could somehow shore up special teams…we can win this league.

Or am I delusional?


youre not delusional. stay healhty and clean up special teams and we can.

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You are not delusional, get one of the two F()U games and a bowl becomes likely, get both and we’re competing for the East. I can’t believe I typed that sentence, unreal what Healy is doing.


I have had a few drinks watching the game but I do not think you are delusional. The way the rest of this conference is playing compared to the way we have played I see no reason why we can’t finish near the top of CUSA. As long as we don’t have major injuries at Clemson I think we can compete for a conference championship this year which is something I didn’t think would be possible before the season.

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Something that I noticed tonight but not sure if it has happened in the past as the offensive bench has been on the opposite end of the field. Tonight after a series Benny approached the offensive line, namely #53 Allen, and talked about the series. Allen grabbed a whiteboard and diagrammed the play that Benny was talking about.

Once the starters were pulled, Allen and Clarke, was helping the younger guys run some blocking drills on the sideline.

Great to see the team working together like that!!


First FBS non-conference home win!


That was very satisfying.

Only downside was the attendance. Truthfully I thought we had at least 14k there, so the 12.8k figure was a bit surprising. Pretty sure I’ve been at other JRS games with better announced attendance and few actual people there.

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Yeah, that’s like 84% full, seemed closer to 90%.

I had my tickets on my phone and the gate person tried for 20 sec trying to scan the barcode and then said ok we were good but nothing happened and didn’t even have her scan the second ticket. I’m 99% sure us two weren’t counted. I wonder how many that happened to.

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I like enthusiasm and it was nice seeing Ratliff get in the game, but I’m thinking our sideline guys jumping around excitedly while our third string QB is lying on the field injured is a bit weird. Too bad about Ratliff’s TD run being called back.

UMass made our 1-11 team look good by comparison.

Good win. Never let them in the game.
Dline was getting gashed up the middle at times. Must fix, as best we can, before Clemson.
Special teams are not special. Have to fix the punt and kickoff coverages.

A few in game observations:

The Forty Niners chant was indeed A+. Best one ever?

The cheerleaders and Golddusters switches sides with the quarters. That’s a new thing and I like. Gives us a little variety.

Pretty cool moment in the 4th quarter: a players mom was sitting right behind me. Her kid (#72 I think) got sent in for his first ever play, and she started sobbing… Like ugly crying and screaming “That’s my baby! My baby is playing in a real college game!” She was so stinking proud. Made me tear up a little. The worst was when that touchdown was called back. She was so excited for her son to be a part of a score.


The forty niners chant was 100% a dude in the alumni corner away from the field house. He literally yelled and got everyone ‘s attention near him. He organized everyone near him enough that it worked out across the whole stadium. That dude starting the chant worked out so much better than in years past when they tried to organize it on the screen.


The dude? The Lebowski?

Yeah, I saw him (113 I believe) from over in 111. It can be hard to get people in that corner off their butts, so props to him.