UNC Charlotte student found dead on the Catawba River

They found her body yesterday, identified it today. Prayers for her family…

Police have identifed the body of Irina Sergeyevna Yarmolenko, 20, whose last known address was 100 Hogan Glen Court in Chapel Hill. She was a student at UNCC.

A press release from Mount Holly Police Chief David James:
The Mount Holly Police Department is investigating the death of Irina Yarmolenko. At 1:15 pm Monday Officers were dispatched to a found body on the banks of the Catawba River. The actual location was on the bank directly behind the Waters Edge development and the YMCA at the end of YMCA Drive.

Officers found a blue four door Saturn at the waters edge. The vehicle was facing the water as if driven to the water. The vehicle had traveled several yards down a step embankment and struck a stump right at the waters edge damaging the front of the vehicle.

The body of Irina Sergeyevna Yarmolenko was found outside of the vehicle lying on the ground next to the driver’s side door.

Officers required assistance from the Mount Holly Fire Department, West Mecklenburg Fire, and Gaston County Rescue to assess the area. Officers from Belmont Police and Gaston County Police assisted in the crime scene search there on the bank.

As the investigation continued the FBI and SBI provided and continue to provide assistance. The vehicle was removed and stored at a secure location. The medical examiners office conducted an examination and then ordered and autopsy. Exact cause of death will be determined by the medical examiners office.

Officers and Detectives continue to follow up on leads. Ms. Yarmolenko was last seen Monday around 9:45 am. Anyone with knowledge about Ms. Yarmolenko are asked to contact the Mount Holly Police Department at 704-827-4343.


Sh*t dude, are you trying to depress us? I don’t want to hear about death.

There’s going to be a candlelight vigil, paying tribute to Ira’s life, on Thursday night at the Belk Tower at 7pm.

Sh*t dude, are you trying to depress us? I don't want to hear about death.

Just figured people would want to know about a fellow Niner.

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Just figured people would want to know about a fellow Niner.
We do. Thanks for letting us know.

[QUOTE=Boomer31;318258]There’s going to be a candlelight vigil, paying tribute to Ira’s life, on Thursday night at the Belk Tower at 7pm.[/QUOTE]

Seems like there have been too many of those lately. Very sad. I’m very sorry to hear this.

I know, it’s just death sucks.

Sad story indeed, my condolensces & prayers go out to the family.

she was one of my good friends, ill miss her.

Thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.


She used to work at Jackson Java… was an awesome person… will be sorely missed.


clt is saddened by this and also finds the lack of media coverage interesting.

why did the tragedy at unc-ch receive more coverage? is it bc she was blonde and the student body president? or she wasnt found during primary day?

the media is so sensational.

clt’s thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

Sensational? How about just not listening to anything they’re told? WBTV’s piece said that we were going to have her picture on the front page tomorrow, despite the fact we told them there wouldn’t be any new print papers out this semester.

The reporter, my sister told me, also kept leading her, asking about suicide, which is why a lot of Ira’s other friends refused to talk to her.

Trust me, there hasn’t been a lack of media. The Gaston Gazette, Charlotte Observer, WCNC, WBTV and News 14 all ran pieces on Ira today. It’s just that for most of those pieces, they were just running around, looking for a quick quote.

Sad. Seems like a beautiful girl. Rest in peace.

[QUOTE=wayton5646;318290]she was one of my good friends, ill miss her.[/QUOTE]

wayton and i both were friends with her. I speak for the both of us when i say that she was unlike any other person we’ve ever met. She was an incredible girl.

cute girl, sad story


Observer says she was leaving Charlotte for UNC CH

I know, it's just death sucks.

Well sck, just for you, we will only post stories about ponies, butterflies, and happy little fairies made out of candy.

This was a Charlotte student who apparently touched a lot of lives. Why would there not be a post on this?

Sounds like she was a great girl. Definitely very sad… rest in peace Irina.

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Terrible news.

Seems like there is way to much of this happening recently around here. Young, vibrant college kids cut down in their prime.

It is a tragedy, may she rest in peace.

It seems like there may be a larger problem as this has been happening all over the country with college students. A University of Wisconsin student was murdered in her apartment about a month ago and there have been a few people missing / found dead in Minnesota (I think) that were college students. These along with the UNC-CH tragedy and the college girl in Alabama.

Sad, sad, sad news.

I can remember going into Jackson Java and seeing her. Very nice girl. It’s so incredibly depressing, the concept that someone like that is now gone forever. :unhappy:

Rest in peace Ira.