Unc-tweetsie road game 11-21-19

Sorry to start this thread so soon, but gotta plan ahead. Anyone else planning to attend? Can we get tix through our AD? Isn’t parking beside the arena? If I go with my wife we’ll spend the night. If I go alone, it’ll be up and back to CLT. Thinking we have a shot to win this one.

If you can’t get tixs through your AD office do not fear as there will be plenty available at the door. You should be able to park in the River St parking deck.

If we don’t run app out of the gym I’ll be disappointed. Even our worst teams handled app pretty easily.

We have had some solid teams struggle with App home and away. It seems our bad teams have handled them fairly easy but our good ones have at times struggled. :man_shrugging:t3: They took one of our teams late 90s into OT in Halton.

App State so far appears better than they were last season so I wouldn’t be surprised if they even beat us. We are young and they have some solid guard play. We are too young to look past any team and one win over Davidson hasn’t changed my mind about the struggles we will have this season.

Thanks for the info. FWIT to other NINERS, our AD is NOT selling tix to this game. Hope to see some other NINERS there, but looking at response to this post, maybe I won’t see many, if any, others. I just hope I see a WIN.

I am planning on making the trip up.


Making the trip up the mountain as well. Need to put Appy in its place.

Wife’s birthday that day and the Punic Wars between App and Charlotte aren’t particularly interesting to her so it’s going to be a tough sell.

If anyone needs more positive points, the weather looks good with temps not falling below freezing at all that day with no precip either.

I’ll be there. For a Thursday night game - really any game for that matter - there’s no reason why we can’t outnumber. More of us, the better. I’ve already locked down the game at Wilmington. Love having away games within driving distance.

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Yeah. Already locked and loaded for wilmington too.

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I’ll be there. Can’t wait!

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I think we feel about our new MBB coach like you do about your FB coach. Lots of potential, but still early. So far I like what I see. Hopefully everyone leaves Holmes with injuries, and the 49ers are not to hard on their team after after leaving with the L.

Safe travels and thanks for coming to the game in Boone.

Snow skiing starts the next day at App Ski Mountain if anyone is getting a hotel. From what i read this is the earliest start date for them in 25 years.

McAppyFan, I assume you mean “without injuries”, otherwise you are a mean, mean man.

EVERYONE!? Dayum :flushed:

Then I assume there can be ice in the cups.

clt says this appy fan should be reported to the Boone police

I am either an ass, which is very possible, according to Ms.McLeansvilleAppFan or I made a terrible typo on non regular keyboard I think I was using at the time.

I am going with “stupid auto correct” but you can go with that or me being an ass. It’s your board.

Here’s to NO injuries for anyone.


Everyone! players, coaches, fans, the elementary school children providing half-time entertainment. /s