UNCA Home Game 12-3-19 7:00 Tip

Niners complete their two game home stand vs Big South foes as UNC Asheville comes to Halton. Bulldogs are 3-2 (1-2 vs D-I), with the losses to Tennessee (63-78) and Wake (79-98). Three players averaging double figures, led by Devon Baker (15.8 ppg).

Hoping to make this one, continue the winning streak at home!

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Fajita night…best of the year…

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Any viewing options for this game?

Yeah. I’m at the game. Guess I’ll watch it live. :wink:


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Yes. This game is as ugly as it looks. The man to man pressure is really bothering us.

Ugly is an understatement.

This is awful. We are playing soft and scared. Nobody wants to be a man so we are getting pushed around

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Ridiculous…at home…

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Sad day here. Asheville. And my doctors are there.

Basketball still has a long way to go. We’re in a one bid league, so learning and growing is all that matters until February

22 turnovers and 12 missed free throws. Young had a rough outing with four points and six turnovers. Bamba was nearly invisible. Not sure why Vasic gets minutes. At least he didn’t misfire on a bunch of threes but was only 1-5 from the line. Williams didn’t see much action. He tended to pass the ball as soon as he got it.

On the plus side, Shepherd, Robb and Supica all played well.

Our defense, particularly in transition, was poor. We got nothing out of our press. We just ended up giving an easy bucket.

We let Jude for Asheville have a career night against us.

Need to right the ship against Wilmington.

Wow. Tough one to watch.

With 12 to go, we were up 48-44. Gave up 39 points in the remaining 12 minutes. That’s absolutely unacceptable.

We have a problem with letting the other team dictate our pace. It happened in every one of our losses. Asheville wanted us to speed up in the second half, and we did, and that’s when we got sloppy.

It’s so hard for me to shift my focus to defensive basketball. I know that’s a struggle for the kids. That said, we have some of the worst mental lapses and turnovers I’ve ever seen on offense. When we stay focused on that end, we are fine, but we lose focus with frequency.

I want to Eat some crow about younger. He’s giving 110% in his limited minutes. If he embraces the process, he has the physical gifts to be a special player.

Most frustrating thing tonight was how much more energy their bench had than ours. It was like watching our sideline in a football game against one of our CUSA foes. They wanted it more than we did.

Attitude and effort.


No, it’s not. We need excitement and fans.

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i’m not gonna go into details about all the terrible aspects of this game. this game gives me some pasue about sanchez but like it has been said, we were 2-5 in football and we were all but giving up, trashing the defensive coordiator and calling healy a bust and look what happened. i’m willing to give sanchez the benefit of the doubt. i believe he can coach and recruit and there will be ups and downs this season and this team has showed some of what they’re capable of in some of the games but i will be judging sanchez on how the team improves throughout the season. there is a lot to work on and i’m sure sanchez is addressing it but tonight was not excusable and sanchez needs to be up everybody’s butts in the locker room and in practice.

Well we know what coach at Charlotte is not potentially being pursued by schools with more $$$

I was entertained watching Asheville’s coach Mike Morrell. Reminded me of Healy of basketball. A ton of energy and seems like a players coach out there. He was 4-27 last year in his first year of head coaching and already 4-2 this year. However we are their signature win this year so far so that’s saying something.

Anyways, not much more to add to this game besides committing a shitload of turnovers, allowing a shit ton of offensive rebounds and missing a lot of shitty FTs is not a recipe for Winning.