UNCC getting SH*T on, on Reddit...and for good reason



Edmonds shouldn’t be creating stuff on his own, it’s beyond brutal and everyone here agrees.




I’ve seen some of the crengiest stuff from Edmonds… don’t we have interns or someone that can make something better looking? We need to clean crap like that up.


I think Edmonds need to be done with the recruiting duties moving forward. What an absolute eye sore…the Washington DC picture he did is just as bad too.


We got that tweeted at us, what an embarrassment. Can’t they hire some student to make graphics for the entire department? I know most schools have student interns do it.


Also, our running backs coach describes himself as the “running backs coach at UNCC Charlotte”



Yeah, it’s been that way since his first day here, can’t believe it hasn’t been updated.


Edmonds #chooses really strange #and random #words to hashtag. #I’m honestly not even #sure he knows #how hashtags work.


He’s even doing it #today.

I’m not #sure he knows how #hastags work.


Yeah, can we fire this guy?


Don’t forget about this beauty.


That one isn’t as bad as Edmonds graphics, I’d be fine if he tweeted out stuff like this instead of whatever the hell he makes himself on Microsoft Paint.


I am sure we have coaches that are trying to bump up their social media presence because they think they may be in the job market in a few months. Even if they have nothing to say, they are out there saying it.


Why are you guys taking a dump on a guy that is putting it out there? He doesn’t appear to be a twitter superuser like some of you, but at least he is putting it out there. You guys are brutal.


He’s the Recruiting Coordinator at a FBS program. He should not put out self-created MS Paint level content. It looks 2nd rate.


2K is exactly right. If you are going to represent the school, you need to be aware of the brand. The brand is not some MS paint shit my 12 year old cousin could do a better job of creating. The brand is excellence, and this is piss poor. There is nothing else about it. If you don’t have the ability to create something excellent, you have two choices: 1) find someone who can, or 2) do your job without putting out piss poor product. It’s that simple.


It doesn’t look as bad a Yosef’s face! #appsucks.

On the positive, we are troll worthy again.


clt says there is no need to bash ms paint.


The problem with Edmonds Twitter stuff is that he is the recruiting coordinator (I.e. wooing teenagers) I’ll give him credit for trying to get out there on Twitter, but it almost comes off as trying to give high school recruits his beeper number.