UNCG Pharm school? NO...New UNC-CH Pharm school , YES!


Come on man… ::slight_smile:

This sounds like the med school they are trying to put in Charlotte.

“The president’s recommendation is that we authorize the [b]UNC-Chapel Hill/Asheville[/b] satellite program, which is an efficient, cost-effective way of meeting the state’s pharmacy needs,” said Hannah Gage, chairwoman of the UNC Board of Governors.

hell will freeze over before another UNC System school receives any sort of equitable professional school


Well now be silent children. Mother knows what’s best for you. Rejoice in Mother’s wisdom to grant herself more money and control. Mother loves you and wants what’s best for her…cough, cough, you. :-*

This is BS. IF a Pharm School goes in Asheville, it should belong to UNCA. UNCG should fight the power.

This is like UNC-CH trying to put a Med School in our’s & UNCA’s backyard. That’s protected territory.

Next they’ll do it to others. I’m pretty sure NC State & ECU don’t care since they are pretty big in the system, but I say the other 13 should band together & fight this BS.

FK Bowles! FK Carolina! Viva La Revolucion! Down With The Dictator!

In the Civil War, Lincoln quoted from the Bible “that a house divided cannot stand.”

In the Rev. War, they said, “We must all hang together, or we shall all surely hang separately.”

The little 13 of the UNC System need to band together to fight the Big 3, or all of us will have CH, NCSU, & ECU branches in our towns.

Oh, & Wingate-Asheville Campus just got screwed because people will pick public over private. Everyone that would have worked at UNC-CH-A could have worked at Wingate-A, plus we could have the workers from UNCG if Bowles would do the right thing.

This is completely asinine. Do the other schools have no representation in the University system?

We are now OFFICIALLY at WAR.

Down with the Tyrants!

Give Us FREE!

Power to the People!

Damn F**King BASTARDS!

I still say we should put a branch of the “UNCC” School of Engineering on the chapel hill campus.

This is really a problem that will be solved if all the other universities in the system band together to fight this kind of thing.

The same thing happened to ECU 5 years ago. They wanted to start a stand alone pharmacy school. UNC at the last minute decided that would propose a satelite campus in Elizabeth City. Guess what happened ::slight_smile:

If you read the recomendations it goes as far as to thank UNCG for getting Moses Cone and Wake Forest Baptist on board and advises those places to work with UNC Pharmacy School. What a pile of crap! The report cited problems with UNCG’s costs b/c the G administration gave them a very conservative finanical outlook without factoring in private money. UNC-CH’s plan was so quickly thrown together that they couldn’t even give predictions past year 4.

This really sucks b/c G finally has a dynamic leader in Chancellor Brady and she’ll probably bounce to a place where her major initiatives don’t get squashed by an ego-driven “big sister”.

*BTW, sorry I started another thread about this in a different section before seeing this one.

I’m really sorry for UNCG.

I can actually get behind SCK on something. “Release the Kracken!”

[quote=“Niner National, post:9, topic:22972”]This is really a problem that will be solved if all the other universities in the system band together to fight this kind of thing.[/quote]I think you’re on to something, but it will be a major political fight.

Banning together is completely plausible. Accomplishing anything with it will never happen. Welcome to the University of North Carolina System. ECU had to get the state legislators from their district together to get their med school and it still has rediculous restrictions imposed on it today. Now feeding Momma more money has become the official policy of the entire system. That’s what UNC Tomorrow Inititive was all about people. Making the most with what you already have while denying new programs to other schools. Well guess which school already has a full f***ing plate of programs? There will never be a UNC Charlotte Medical School under this. EVER.

The simple answer is NO.

There may be 1 or 2 Governors from Charlotte, the vast majority live in the Triangle with the next biggest cluster in the Triad. We are servants of Chapel Hill’s will, slaves to the machine. Unless we get UNC Charlotte people elected to the legislature we’re permanently f***ed.

In that case, I guess it should be 15 against 1.

How can UNC-CH have a Pharm school in EC over ECU in Greenville? Where is ECSU to b**** about their rights? Wouldn’t a school in their backyard belong to them, not Crapel Hole? Maybe we should contact minority legislators using the HBCU angle of ECSU not having control of their backyard.

It would be funny if UNCA put up UNCA signs at the UNC-CH at A Pharm School, & if ECSU did the same at the UNC-CH at EC Parm School. And while we’re at it, when is UNC Charlotte going to put up signs for the UNC Charlotte Research Campus in Kannapolis. F**k that NC Research Campus sh*t!

We need to go Kragen on these Commie Fascist SOBs!

There is a Tea Party, we need a damn Kragen Party, & recruit the NCGA. How many of them went to other UNC System schools or Private Schools. I know Wingate grads would be pissed. We have UNCG & ECU on board, & UNCA & ECSU (and all HBCU’s) should be easy to recruit. We need to unleash our wrath on these bee-astards!

Can we pleeeasse please please please band together and do something? Like if something was started, would people actually do something and not bitch out?

I hear so much complaining about this all the time and it is all justified, but I fear if something got started people would say “I’m with you but it would be too hard…” or some other BS excuse.

Again, I’m behind SCK. Students, if you’re in the vicinity, a few Charlotte 49ers stickers could really add to the design of the building.

Our Chancellor is chosen by the BoT but confirmed by the BoG.
Our BoT members are appinted by Chapel Hill graduates.
Chapel Hill graduates dominate both houses of the state legislature.
How many “Charlotte” legislators went to Chapel Hill?

They control our Universities’ Administrations.
They control the Board of Governors.
They control the state legislature and beuracracies.
They control the legal system in the state.
They control the media.

Welcome to Dictatorship 101.

Damn McCrory. Why didn’t you win?