UNCW Away Game 12-7-19 2:00 Tip


Alumni Gathering at Kickback Jack’s before the game. Alumni Association does have tickets included in one of their packages but not sure of the section (I got tickets through them and asked but if anyone already knows and will post that it would be appreciated).

My brother lives in Wilmington so I’m definitely making the trip down.

Tickets are also on sale now through the UNCW Ticket Office.


Hope to see a lot of Green at the coast!

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I’m going to the game with my family, will probably pre-game somewhere else with the youngins’

We’re staying at Wrightsville Beach. Looking forward to the match-up between alma mater and hometown team!

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Ordered my tickets via the Alumni Association on line. Not going to make it to the social events prior to the game but I’ll be among NINERS at the game.

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I’m heading down with family and going to the pre-game event, too! Looking forward to seeing a lot of fellow Niners and taking over Trask Coliseum



If you’re bummed that you can’t make it to the Bahamas this is an easy trip and the Niners need some support in search for that elusive first road win! Hope to see some folks down in Wilmington!


Yes. It’s a Saturday 2:00 pm game, so we’re making it a 3 night mini vay-kay on Wrightsville Beach. There are surface parking lots near the arena. Here’s a map. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Trask+Coliseum/@34.2244777,-77.8783783,450m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x94bcd3b315bf06e5!8m2!3d34.2250178!4d-77.8783329

I will be sitting in section 220 with my wife and daughter. Trask is a pretty nice arena. I was able to get a tour of the arena and locker rooms as part of my job. Kevin Keatts (current coach at NCSU) pushed a redesign their home locker room and it is top of the line. They have been struggling as a team since Keatts left. I believe this should be our first road win of the season.

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Looks like most odds have us as 4 point favorites. Means nothing since we were 10 point favorites vs asheville. Wish I were more optimistic about today’s game, but I’m not. Sorry, I was very disappointed in our losses to app and asheville that I cannot get positive about this game. If we win I’ll be very happy. :pick::green_heart::pick::green_heart:

clt says the espn app on the Apple Watch shows this game as cha v unc

Wilmington has no problem with the unc . They have it on their jerseys. Doh!



clt says we are not rivals

If the locals get nasty or start talking trash near the end of the game, I think I’ll start up a WE HAVE FOOTBALL!! AND WE’RE GOING TO A BOWL!! chant. Don’t make me do it Dub.

I’m old enough to remember when there was a rivalry with UNC by the Sea. And IIRC, UNCW also used to have basically the same colors as us as well. The teal and navy blue a more recent choice of school identifiers.

Good turnout for the Alumni gathering, we’ll be repping today.

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Changing their school colors was a brilliant move. Teal and navy is way better than that old bright green and yellow.

We’re here. We’re wearing white today. W is in black. It’ll seem like a home game for us in the white unis. Our seats are as one would expect in the visitors nosebleed section. Some of our folks are in the lower level.