University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)

First they told us “You can’t have football.” And we fixed that.

Then they told us “you can’t get rid of that AD, she’s a legend.” And we fixed that.

Now they tell us “Phil doesn’t want to change the name right now”. You know what guys, it’s time. If Phil doesn’t want to deal with it, he can quit. It’s time to start organizing and making this a significant push. Our University is going to learn to stop ignoring alums and students.

So what can we do? Emails? Banners? Ideas?

It’s time.


Both instances took mobilization of a student section to force their hand. SGA needs to come out and back this.


If NNN can rally behind this cause like we did Football and #FJR, and get SGA on our side, I am confident we can pull this off. It will be hard but if we meet it with that same passion, it will happen!

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Working on SGA will also get Barstool guys on it since their reach is roughly 15,000 people on insta/twitter combined and growing daily.

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Let’s goooo! #NameChangeNow #DropTheUNC


Dianna Rugg makes wanting to #DropTheUNC so easy, trying to say 17 years ago when she moved here she’d never heard of Charlotte. This isn’t 2002, it’s 2019 and it’s BEYOND time.

You guys do realize that a name change is really expensive right? It would force the university to probably cut budgets across all departments, including research and academics. Doing this would literally burn down what little reputation we have in academics. considering how much other renown universities are pouring into academics and research, we really shouldn’t be spending our money on a name change. This is just my realistic opinion.

Getting football was expensive too. I know many people said why put that money towards football when you can put it towards research and academics. Same argument, different movement.

Right. Getting football was like adding a whole new dimension to the university. Which made sense, coz adding football would lead to a rise in our enrollment numbers and would appeal to a wider range of students. But to change the name of our university just so our fanbase wants a fancy name doesn’t make financial sense. Now if this was 20-30 years ago, I would be all for it. I know my opinion is not going to matter, because probably all of the fans here want this to happen, but I just want to put it out there.

People said the same thing about football. “It’d make sense 20-30 years ago, but not now.” It isn’t about having a fancy name to appease fans it’s about having our own identity. How often do we confused with Chapel Hill or another UNC system school? We constantly are mixed up, our name messed up, etc. We are in the second largest financial center in the country, home to tons of fortune 500 companies with more coming, we have 130,000+ living alumni and a student body that has doubled in the last 17 years. It’s time to have our own identity and not be tied in name wise with UNC.
This does not mean leaving the UNC system by any means, just changing the name so that we can forge our own identity much like the city of Charlotte has over the last twenty plus years.

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Having our own identity at the risk of getting left behind academically? App state and ECU have their own identity too, but they suck in academics and everybody knows it. Now if the university decides to have a feasibility study and determine that doing this would not affect the progress of the university in other aspects, I’m all for it. I’m not saying University of Charlotte sounds bad.


That you Phil?

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On what planet are you living in which standing alone on our own achievements makes us less academically prestigious?

How in the world would this possibly allow us to be “left behind?”

How is changing our name going to “burn down our academic achievements?”

I know it’s the weekend, but lay off the wacky tobacky buddy.

I’m gonna keep piling on. We conducted a study 15 years ago in which the two recommendations for growing the university were

1: add football
2: change the name.

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All I’m saying is, this thing is not going to happen, if we don’t have the money for it. It’s like asking an ugly chick to dress up in Chanel, just coz the clothes are fancy, doesn’t make her not ugly.
Left behind: if we decide to spend money on this name change, that’s probably going to affect the amount of money we put into academics and research.
Burn down our academic reputation:which will happen if we go around spending money on stupid shit instead of academics

“On what planet are you living in which standing alone on our own achievements makes us less academically prestigious?” changing our name is gonna make us stand alone on our own achievements? Okay sure

I’d rather not have our academic achievements and advancements that you talk about be credited to UNCCH, but it happens all the time and is not fair to our faculty members and students who work hard on them only to have them credited to another separate school.

As he mentioned 15 years ago a study told us to do two things: Get football and change our name. We got one down, now it’s time for the other one.

No. Just, no…name change is WAY overdue.


UNCC - Harrisburg

After Joe Harris won the three-point shooting contest yesterday they asked him what he was going to do with the trophy and he said he was going to send it to the Charlotte University for letting him come over and practice. Of course he already knew coach Sanchez.

A name change that is more along the lines of branding shouldn’t be extremely expensive. Signs will need to be change, etc - but the official name can remain UNCC.

As for the why - as mentioned a few times our academic achievements and our faculty achievements are routinely credited to Chapel Hill. 20-30 years ago we needed the UNC name because of our young age and lack of academic achievement. Today all it does is hold us back and deny us the respect we deserve. Outside of NC most think we are in fact simply a branch of Chapel Hill. Or worse they think the CC part of UNCC stands for community college.

It is past time. For us to rise to the levels we should we have to stand on our own.