University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)


No, because for it to get to the NCGA it has to be approved by the BOT and they are very, very unlikely to go against what Dubois recommends. Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

However, if going over his head means clearing the way to any further opposition beyond the BOT, then absolutely. I think we should put a lot of effort into shaping political opinion within the NCGA so that the BOT and Dubois feel like they are staking a winner.


I’ve thought about this as well and I think the best approach is probably to mine the Commerical-Appeal archives for stories surrounding their name change and find direct quotes from the powers that be who were in charge at the time. Same goes for the SUNY Binghamton to Binghamton University name change which occurred roughly the same time as the Memphis change (1992).


Forgive me if I’m wrong, but a name change would go to the Chancellor, then the Trustees, then the Governors/President, then the GA, then the Governor of NC, yes?


That dreaded hyphen!


In the gym the other night beside a girl with Kentucky shirt on.
Conversation turned to what college I went to. Took 5 minutes to
explain the whole UNC system thing and that we were just like UNC-Chapel Hill and NC state. Afterwards she simply said
– “I’m confused”.


Assuming you didn’t use a lot of $100 words, she sounds like someone that get’s confused by a can opener.


Also - it doesn’t help anyone in applying to graduate school. Graduate admissions departments know the UNC System, how it works, and that the schools operate autonomously. If there’s an example of a graduate department that doesn’t know that (or can’t figure it out within 2.5 seconds of seeing the name)… maybe consider going to a different graduate school.


FWIW, Miami U is located in Oxford, Ohio. Named “Best College Town in the U.S.” by Forbes in 2014.



The University of North Carolina prefix (UNC prefix) attached to The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, age 53, died last night after a long battle with multiple personality disorder. The UNC prefix was born on July 1, 1965 when Charlotte College merged with the Consolidated University of North Carolina. The UNC prefix was a way to tie in a fledgling university to a recently consolidated university system to lend it credence and financial support. By the time the university reached the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four in 1977, the UNC prefix was a part of the shortened nomenclature, UNCC. However, the road was not always easy. From the graduates having to answer interview questions about being Tar Heel fans, to the work of the University’s professors being attributed to UNC-Chapel Hill, the UNC prefix did not age particularly well. In 2000, the University’s sports programs decided to go by simply Charlotte, but the UNC prefix soldiered on in academics. After a long battle with multiple personality disorder, caused in large part by the confusion with other UNC system universities, the CC nomenclature causing confusion with community colleges, and the need for the City of Charlotte to have a university it could support, The UNC prefix was finally laid to rest. Though the UNC prefix has gone, the University still remains a member of the University of North Carolina system. The UNC prefix is survived by the University’s new name, The University of Charlotte, its 30,000 students, and 120,000 living alumni.


I’m sorry, the story ended too soon. Did you stake your claim?? :smiley:




Some people seem to believe that the city of Charlotte funds or partially funds or would be required to fund the university of its name were to change. This is, obviously, incorrect. Please feel free to share the FY2019 City of Charlotte budget with them to prove your point.


I know we argue amongst ourselves over stupid stuff sometimes on NNN-------------but my goodness----------people are stupid.



fwiw, UC Davis is one of the best UC schools, one of the best not only in California but in the nation…Davis is in a respectable class with UCLA, Berk, Irvine, SB and SD.

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*not a political statement, just meme


Prob not the best meme to drum up support brah.


I’ve said it before on here in multiple threads…

WE wanted football…we got football
WE wanted Judy gone…we got Judy gone
WE want a name change next…we gots a name change coming

WE are literally getting large enough (enrollment size, alumni base, etc) that our voices are being heard and people are listening. It won’t stop at the name change either.

Judy gone + football + clear identity + our growth + our size + our location + our TV market= significant conference suitors coming to cement our place in the national landscape. Now sooner rather than later.

The 3 things that were holding us back…2 are gone already…the name is the last lone stumbling block and is now ready to fall out of the way.

This has been a game changer movement that started with football. Replacing Judy’s small school hidden secret mentality with Mike Hill’s progressive vision followed by the hiring of Sanchez and Healy…capped off with a identity/brand change to mimic the new found strength, pride and vision that new leadership has brought to the school.

The University of Charlotte will be the exclamation point at the end of our very loud statement…WE ARE NOT UNC…WE ARE CHARLOTTE AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!

***AND…Imagine the power and cache that will come once we hit 40K enrollment and roll up as the largest state school in the entire UNC system. They better listen up and play nice now…you don’t want us pissed off when we’re the new Flagship and ready to make up new rules for OUR state system!!!