University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)


Going to make a couple of more tweaks to the list and add some names.

Binghamton and Buffalo (plus Albany and Stony Brook) are SUNY schools and that is included in the official name of each institution (though SBU only one that doesn’t include SUNY name in official logo).


I’m including Saint Louis University since A) it is located in St. Louis (founded 1764) and B) began as Saint Louis Academy in 1818 before coming Saint Louis College.

Anyway, additional municipality named universities (public and private):

University of Baltimore
Bridgeport University
University of Charleston
University of Dallas
University of the District of Columbia
Fairfield University
High Point University
University of Mobile
University of New Haven
University of Portland
University of Rochester
Saint Louis University
Santa Clara University
University of Tampa
University of Toronto

Was going to include Philadelphia University but see it merged with Thomas Jefferson University in 2017 and is now known as Jefferson.


The Charlotte metropolitan area has a population of over 2.4 million greater than the population of the individual states of NM, NE, WV, ID, HI, NH, ME, MT, RI, DE, SD, ND, AK, VT and WY. Our university is the only major public university in the area. The city continues to grow and gain worldwide recognition. Embrace the city embrace the name. We are the University of Charlotte!


I do think if we are going to do this, we gotta push common sense and a broad message.

It would behoove us to discuss how strong the UNC brand is and how that creates confusion. None of us like saying good things about the heels, but that is the root of our issue here.

It would be like if someone started a shoe company called “Mikey”. It’s just way too close to one of the strongest brands in the industry, even if it is different.


Just in case anybody wanted those numbers when discussing


That’s a totally separate issue.

Didn’t you watch Ghostbusters? Don’t cross streams.


clt says wcnc had a photoshopped entrance that read “university of Charlotte”

Anyone get that?



I could get used to that!


Gotta move quick before cri entrance is finished


In my opinion, it is imperative that we get this down to some concise talking points. IMO it currently looks like broad speculation. This is what we did with Judy and it was highly effective.

I think our best sellers are:

“UNC” is one of the strongest brands in higher ed, and our brand is too damn similar.

“CC” Back to back in higher education almost always denotes “Community College”

This does not mean we leave the UNC system, only that we do a better job marketing ourselves.

Having a University with the City’s namesake is only good for the community. The reason we lost Amazon was that they did not recognize a major University in the area.



Joe Harris said during his interview after winning the 3 point contest that he was donating his trophy
to the University of Charlotte for letting him practice there.




What a beautiful sign!



New hash tag combination #DropTheUNC #Charlotte #SimplyCharlotte. Thank you Judy!

I would be completely ok with a rebranding much like Buffalo, VaTech, or Georgia Tech. Let’s take Joe Harris’ lead and only talk about The University of Charlotte.


yo. #simplycharlotte is better than any of the other hashtags.


that sounds like an Esty storefront


I agree with the need to keep #DropTheUNC because it has been out there for so long. I think adding the other two to any post with #DropTheUNC will help clarify what is needed.


What will I do with my diploma that says UNCC if we drop the NC???


The University of North Carolina name is a relic from the 1960’s. We can still honor the legacy of former governor Terry Sanford and his advancement of the consolidated University of North Carolina System over 50 years ago but it is time we establish our own identity this century.