University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)


It would still valid.

Might even be able to by a replacement one with the new names.




Ironically his correction is also wrong.

More reason to #DroptheUNC


Don’t we really just want to drop the NC? We still need the U.


^ u are blowing peoples minds right now


Alums aren’t sure if something’s either:


Please answer that idiot…i m not on Twitter.


Same as UVille. Geez! :roll_eyes:


I answered him.


I don’t object to the name change at all, but it just doesn’t feel like a top priority to me right now. Building MBB back into a top 50 program again is a priority. Getting to our first bowl game is a priority. Winning conference championships is a priority. A name change without the success to sustain any benefit from it will only go so far. Just ask the Hornets.

If the argument is that we should start the process now so we’ll be ready when we do achieve success, I can get behind it. But I think we just need to be realistic about what a name change will and won’t accomplish.


A name change doesn’t solve all of our problems but it sends a message we are more than a second rate generic university.


All those things are athletic in nature, name change is bigger than that. We can do both.


The name change is for the alumni to separate themselves from others. Athletics did so some time ago so their failures hurt their image. The University name change will allow our academic accomplishments to flourish. Too many alumni who’s colleagues think that Chapel Hill helped make them successful.


I just view it as a lost cause until dubois is gone.


That isn’t a “no”


From Dubois…


I wasn’t there but I think what he was referring to was schools adopting UNC were enjoying the name confusion.


Should someone create fake whatever accounts and send messages to CHP and BOG


I hear Grady Davis has some pull with them…


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