University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)


He was never going to give a straight answer either way. He has no desire to paint himself into a corner like “we’ll go FBS after I’m dead and gone” again.


He could have said flat out said no. It’s certainly a different, more middle of the road comment from him.


At this point I wonder if he is just like “F it, I’m not going to be here much longer anyways”. He maybe just tired of the headaches.


As I said in Shoutbox, I feel he has definitely shifted his posture from passively against to neutral/passively for. We’re still going to have to do a lot of leg work to shape support for this.


I agree, I think he’s tired of fighting and long term looks good on him if he’s not against it. I swear CHP thinks in terms of easy acheivments that he can still slap his name on in his short remaining career.


Are you saying that changing our name to University of Charlotte would make building the basketball and football programs more difficult?


No they are letting us know that they are illogical. :nerd_face::nerd_face:


It’s really as simple as using Phil’s own words…he has stressed the importance of the city of Charlotte embracing us as the city’s University.

Well…I think the best way to accomplish that is to take the first step and have the school embrace the city.

This is OUR city…OUR University belongs to OUR city.

Charlotte’s University… in the city of Charlotte.

The University of Charlotte.


You are just making too much sense right now…


No, my point was just that I’d rather do name change after we successful rebuild MBB and make strides in FB to maximize the lift we’d get from it. Otherwise, I think we run the risk of name change having minimal impact. Admittedly, I’m looking at this purely from an athletic standpoint, but that’s because I’ve never personally experienced any of the issues some have raised on the academic side of this argument.

Not sure if that’s illogical or not, but just my POV.


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clt says add that to the name confusion log


What I see from CHP now might be from observed how he morphed being for football. He was a staunch non-supporter early on, dead set against. Then voila, became a fan for it. He’s not unlike your typical politician.


Petition has been updated:


10/10 isn’t a high enough score for that write-up, well done by all contributors. I would suggest that it be emailed to city, county, state legislators as well as BOT and BOG, the media… heck, include sports media like ESPN, too. It should be highly persuasive, and dismiss the perception this movement is just derived from an inferiority complex.


SOS, lol


You can’t save everybody.


That was very well written. Nice work.


clt says lil :taco: will not impact this movement