University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)


Thanks to @jfickett and @NLP for making my thoughts infinitely better


clt says we have some smart 49ers. Well done pals!


231 left according to the website. Tell your friends.


That’s just until it is emailed again to the BOT, NCGA and Dubois.

Won’t stop there.


Does anyone recall how many signatures we ended up with for FJR?

Edit: looked it up. 1577 total. We’re going to surpass that number many times over with the name change petition, i think.


Yeah, already approaching 1,300.


Have now eclipsed 1,400.


At 1,469. In all likelihood we hit 1,500 today.


What’s the goal?


As many as possible. This is also without any real promotion other that tweeting about it.


Every student? Everyone alumnus? Everyone in Charlotte?


Anyone forming a promotion plan for this?


It seems to me that the petition is to get the conversation started. It isn’t like the BOG is going to say “hey, they got a couple of thousand people to sign a petition, let’s change this thing.” Demonstrate that this is a serious topic, with significant support, and let that bring the right people to the table.


I agree, so that’s my question. What’s next?


With the number of students we currently have, along with the number of alumni, this petition better take off into the high 5 figures, or it will NOT be taken seriously, nor considered seriously.
My 2 cents.


Whatever you’re doing…it needs to be kicked up a notch or twelve.

Sent an email to Phil simply saying the time is right…we are on the precipice of becoming the largest school in the system with an ID crisis like no other. If we want Charlotte the city to embrace us as their University…it’s about time we embrace the city as the University of Charlotte.

His response was NO different than before. It would take too long to study, too long to get feedback from all alums & students, too costly to implement, too many other more important issues to tackle first. Still said schools such as UNCP, UNCG and UNCW value the UNC moniker.

I respectfully blasted his response about UNCP, UNCG and UNCW. I told him if we’re going to be the largest school in the system in 5-10 years, we need to start acting like it. We can’t think as if we’re UNP, UNCG or UNCW. None of those schools will be the largest school in the state. None of those schools reside in a city like Charlotte (one of the top 2-3 banking hubs in the country).

I told him I respected that he sent me a reply but that his stance on the UNC bringing value to us as it does to UNCP, UNCG and UNCW is extremely disappointing and irrational coming from the leader of the school that will soon become the largest in the system.

But despite what seemed to have changed in his public statements about a name change…rest assured nothing has changed.

Like I said…the heat needs to be turned up a whole lot more to make a dent with Chapel Hill Phil.


clt says a study is not needed.


“study” = sandbagging


I apologize if this has been stated already…

I’m all for the name change but we all have to remember there is a cost associated with changing the names. It will take millions and millions of dollars it will take to change the name. UNC Charlotte or University of Charlotte needs more alumni to support via giving money. I know a lot of you give money annually and some of you don’t give anything. My suggestion is rather than sending 1000 emails, flying banners, petitioning names, how about raising money and clearly stating that it is for the name change? If the school and BOT see that there is a dollar figure raised that will be donated to cover some of the costs associated with the name change I believe they will be more willing to accept one. Also, calling Phil, Chapel Hill Phil is just immature because I know for a fact he isn’t fan of Carolina. This is also coming from someone who isn’t a fan of Phil one bit.

Just my two cents


screw it lets just go with North Carolina University, I’m half joking but half serious just to stick it to UNC chapel hill