University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)



how have you come up with “Millions and Millions” of dollars to change the name?
Any figures, high or low are purely conjecture.


This made me laugh. I like it.


This is based off my experience of being involved in M&A’s with numerous name changes of fortune 500 companies. It’s not just changing the sign at the front entrance and the name on the website


We’re all adults here. I think we understand that it’s more than that.

What do we stand to gain from a more impactful brand and greater regional/national awareness? More than it’s going to cost to facilitate a change. That positive change is long lasting, the rebrand costs are a bump in the road in our history.


Wow… I’d never considered anything but the sign… Thanks for the enlightenment…

Oh… and having seen the books on consolidation and name re-branding for Fortune 100 firms… I’m still saying your figures are purely conjecture and not tied to any metric.


I think you’re off with the “millions and millions” figure. If we do a re-brand (and not an official change), then we’re looking at a lot less.


A 5 minute Google search yielded me an estimate of $120,000-250,000 for a full brand overhaul.

Yes, it’s for a business and not a university. Yes it’s just some random Google search. But I think the cost involved is overly stated by some.


I would like to remind anyone concerned about cost how much money we spent demolishing the Belk Tower and replacing it with an Olive Garden water fountain.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.



A few years ago we slightly changed the UNC Charlotte crown logo. How much did that cost?


Just to drop this in for reference:


If you include a big marketing campaign to show your customers that you are now called X instead of Y then it is millions of dollars. However, we have little to no brand as it is so we don’t have to convince people that we are now X and we still offer the same educational experience. We just need a starting point for Brand X.



clt says we have a business school, let the mktg students figure this out


didnt make it


That’s fire, we need more stuff like this flying around the Twitter and the Facebooks. Kids and adults alike can get behind it.


I graduated with a marketing degree from Belk College of Business and lemme tell ya, what they’re preaching, we, as a school, are not practicing. It’s kind of sad, really.


Not a marketing major, but work in the digital marketing realm. We certainly do not follow best practices.


Is this losing steam already? Dubois winning?