University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)


Nope. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. There will be more coming.


About to become wealthier. I hope she contributes to Charlotte and not UNC.


There is now a FB page for this:





Nope but I expect this to take longer than #firejudyrose


I’m not sure it would have the desired effect…it could come across as annoying…but I always thought the best way to get Phil’s attention is to send him an email everytime we encounter a name confusion issue like we post on the thread here. It happens so often and we post it here to air out our frustrations…but I wish Phil got an email everytime it happened too.

Maybe then he would understand how often it happens and how frustrating it is.

Either way…the interviews and the publicity are gaining us some momentum. I’d like to see the campus chalked up (like the FJR campaign) and dozens of signs at the games this weekend (basketball, baseball, softball, et al).

Need to keep the pressure mounting and building.


“Maybe then he would understand how often it happens and how frustrating it is.”

Fact of the matter is: he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care because WE’RE the frustrated ones, NOT him. And THAT he doesn’t care about either. Not sure passing along all the name confusion cases to him will help our cause, but if that could possibly help, I don’t know.
I am aware that the petition has NOT taken off like a rocket we’d hoped, and it seems it’s actually losing steam each day. Sad.



Hey guys, we’re raising $$$ to promote the and Facebook page via Facebook and Instagram ads. You can contribute to those cuts at the GoFundMe below.


A couple mock ups, just for fun


Updated links for the movement:


Twitter (new):


Instagram (new):



I like the top one best, but I have never really understood what NC’s Urban Research University means. I like it, and I think we should continue to use it. If NC State asked how that is different from them I would have to agree, but we claimed it, so it is us.

Using an icon as our symbol is great if we can have something that stands alone. Most don’t. When you see the Old Well, or Kentucky’s “UK”, or Michigan’s “M” you know who they are. Our crown is not bad, but I think we would do better if the University and Athletics could both use the same logo. Supporting two separate branding efforts cuts the effectiveness. Find something that can be us.


clt says Raleigh is not urban.


That crown is the City of Charlotte logo. Our “crown” has the points on it.


“NC’s Urban Research University” always seemed like it was missing a comma.


My wife just signed - 2 more sigs and we get to 2500. Are we losing steam?


Not losing steam - this is gonna be a long process.


1989 Grad here. Business Administration with a Finance Concentration. Added an MBA from Seton Hall 16 years later. Your degree is what you make of it. I know quite a few successful Charlotte grads and I know some who are underemployed right now. If you have a decent work ethic and are persistent, you can go far with a Charlotte degree but isn’t that true for any school? The cream rises to the top at some point regardless of the degree o the wall. Being bitter about the education Charlotte gave you is a little weak if you ask me. If you don’t think what you received was worthwhile, shame on you for staying. Having moved out of NC in 1995 for a job in NYC, I get some of the Tar Heel crap about my degree but for the most part people know the 49ers. I have always been quick to correct folks in social settings or in an interview situation if they made the mistake of saying you went to the Tar Heel School. At this point in my career, it doesn’t matter where I went to school it is what you have done since. If the majority is for a name change, go for it. We’re 49ers, we don’t take kindly to no or folks saying you can’t. In fact, it is in our blood whether you like it or not. Go Ni


First, welcome to the board. Hope you become active.

Second, I don’t think this is really an issue about what it says on the degree and how the graduate develops from there so much as having a unique identity for the University that it can build a successful brand with in the region and nationally.

We have a lot of graduates from this University that leave and never give it a second thought. I’d dare say a rather high percentage. I believe a lot of them can be found not wanting to change the University name.

I think the name change is more about continuing to change the culture of the University overall into one that people can take personal possession of even once they leave here. I don’t think maintaining a branch campus name benefits Charlotte, the region, or the University in the long term going forward.