University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)


Greensboro News & Record actually mentions the petition today:


clt says “UNC” is trademarked. We should have UNC CHeat sue us for trademark infringement.


My eyes caught insta-aids after clicking on the PDF.



clt says that is what matters. they should support a name change.


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Meanwhile, down in Tampa…


The University of Merrill Lynch?


USF must have hired the same people who came up with this.


Exactly what I was thinking. USF’s old logo was fine to me and didn’t risk the wrath of a Fortune 500 company with a literal army of lawyers at their beakon call either.


Would it be effective to send letters to Dubois? Who here has sent a letter or email? Any examples? Thanks


Looks like they paid $8000 to reattach a severed leg. Guess it was too expensive to fix all of them.




UNC Charlotte Graduate Programs: U.S. News and World Report recently ranked the Belk College MBA as the #1 part-time MBA among North Carolina public universities and #35 in the nation.


Just got off the phone with Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus) regarding the name change. He said if the matter makes it to the General Assembly, he’d vote yes, but he’s not going to go to bat with us about it.


That’s not a “no,” and he doesn’t make that descion in isolation.



clt asks what is happening with that set up?


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Technically a name change endorsement.


Short, simple, to the point. Opinions? Who would buy this?