Unpopular Opinion Thread

What are some opinions you have about Charlotte basketball, football, other athletics or the university as a whole that might be unpopular with the rest of the fanbase?

Our football team is in a worse position today than it was Brad Lambert was hired.

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I think we oversell our success at times.

I think we should only expand the stadium to 30k and stop until we’re damn sure there’s more demand.

I don’t like the C-Pick. It looks like we hired a retired Nickelodeon graphics artist to do the logo in the early 2000’s.

I think if we don’t show out soon, even our “potential” might go out the door- because it seems the split between the better athletic programs and the worse athletic programs is coming sooner than I originally thought.

Also - I think advancing our academic standing should be the ultimate goal/focus of the university (successful athletics can contribute to this - see the Flutie Effect).

respectfully disagree, I think we can win 5 or 6 games this season, even with CUSA being a stronger football conference than when we entered

I didn’t think Jeff Mullen was a great basketball coach.

Amazingly important guy who did so much for the program, but he wasn’t a good game coach.

Brad Lambert deserved this coming season. I can understand why anyone would disagree, but in year 4 he had us with a shot at a bowl game with 3 games left. From no football to FCS to a shot at a bowl game in second year of FBS all in 4 years to me is about all we can ask. Now last year happened and he should be held accountable for that as well. Last year was not acceptable. In my book if I give him credit for getting us where he did in year 4 and I hold him accountable for year 5 - that means he has one more year to prove which it is.

I would not have been upset had Judy let him go, but in this situation I didn’t have a big issue with retaining him.

My second one is we should go back to UNCC if the next chancellor will not make headway on the name change and we should push UNCC if that happens, not UNC Charlotte.

My 3rd is the very potential we like to discuss is the reason we seem stuck. Coaches, administration, and other positions in the school find people happy to be in a great city at a growing school and will be comfortable even if things arent great vs. being stuck in some shithole town where people are looking to get out even if things are going well.

Just what we need on the site, a thread dedicated to negativity during recruiting season

Judy was a better college athlete than metro was. :grin:


I think we have a chance to be really good at football this year.

We lost a ton of close games last year after losing darn near close to 100% of our production. The 4-3 scheme fits our personnel much better, and we have so much depth coming off red shirts. More important than that, a lot of college football is based off quarterback play. If our guy from Miami, who supposedly almost beat out malik rosier plays well, look out. Our schedule looks tough on paper, but if we have a TON of winnable games.

I think if Lambert will let Montgomery coach the offense we will be better no matter who is at QB. With the QB under center, opposing defenses won’t be able to get a head start on the o-line. The Klugh Clap HAS TO GO!!!

I think too many people on this board make broad statements about other posters…pretending to know a person that they have never met and literally know nothing about. Snide comments and disagreements are one thing but some of the comments I have read on this board about people (not just about me) are ridiculous.

Weren’t you just making a comment about my ego earlier today???


We need to double the football stadium capacity immediately after this season.

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I think Judy was a decent Athletic Director up until we got left behind for not having football. After that she seemed to have lost touch with the changing sports environment around her.

I think this one may be the most unpopular for me

It is beyond stupid to be “Charlotte” in sports but UNC Charlotte as a university. Pick one, be consistent and create a brand. UCLA, USC, UNLV and others do just fine. I’d love to see us become Charlotte University but unless we are in 100% our sports and university should have the same damn name.

University of Charlotte!!!


yes, jokingly…clearly, you and your “buddies” took it well…and it was in reply to someone else who made the original comment and yet…its all UVilleNiner’s fault. :slight_smile:

Ninershlagger is the reason we lose.


Um, its quite debatable if that opinion is unpopular.