Virtual Tailgate with Ron, Will and Mike 4/25

On Saturday 4/25 at 3:00 PM Jimmy Touchstone and I are hosting a virtual tailgate with Ron Sanchez, Will Healy and Mike Hill. This is sponsored by our tailgate crews (Delta Sigs and Normbulance groups).

There is no cost to attend however we are asking everyone to donate $25 (or what you can) to the Niner Emergency fund.

The virtual tailgate will last 1 hour, with 10 mins from Ron on basketball, 10 mins from Will on football and 15 mins from Mike Hill on what’s is going on with Niner Athletics as a whole. Ron and Will will not be answering questions, but time permitting Mike will.

If you want to attend the Zoom Virtual Tailgate either leave your email address here or PM it to me. We have a max technology capacity and want to make sure we don’t go over that. If you say you are going to be there I really need you to be there as you are taking a spot someone else could have taken.

Come join us!


I am planning on attending.

I will be taking questions.

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Let me get my work schedule first, but if free, I’m in

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I’m there!

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Great idea! I’ll PM email

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I am planning on attending.
I will not be taking questions but I will be providing answers to questions that you aren’t asking.


Will this be recorded?

I think so! I will confrim.

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Will attend. My email is Sent in my $25 donation to the emergency fund

invite coming from Jimmy Touchstone

Saturday is my birthday, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate! This is a great idea! Shoot me an invite.

Does the $25 include unlimited virtual Jarvis Lang shots and Ninerschlager?

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Sadly no but we will have a toast

I’m there as well.

Avocado toast? CC: @ghostofclt

Need clt to be present for this

I’m in.
How do we donate to emergency fund?

This is the link

We moved invites to FB I’ll look for y’all on FB if I am friends with you if not I’ll send a friend request with that email.

Jimmy asked that we wait til Saturday to donate.

Ok will do :+1: