Vote For Football Today!

[COLOR=Green][B][SIZE=7]The future of our university and all its atheltic programs are on the line![/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]

We have a clear choice to make!

Either the gains of the last decades will disappear into nothingness, or…

We [COLOR=green]MAN-UP![/COLOR] and move to the next level of collegiate competition!

Without Football we…

  1. Continue to fall to lesser and lesser conferences.
  2. Lose what community support we have built.
  3. Lose Alumni support to other institutions.
  4. Lose student support to other institutions.
  5. Continue to be precieved as a commuter school.
  6. Continue to lose better atheltic recruits.
  7. Lose more precious media exposure.
  8. Regress the public image of the University.

With Football we…

[COLOR=green]1. Increase our attractiveness to better conferences.
2. Tap new sources of community and buisness support.
3. Attract new fans and supporters to our university.
4. Give Alumni a new reason to believe in and support OUR UNIVERSITY.
5. Give students a reason to stay on campus and build lasting bonds to OUR UNIVERSITY.
6. Increase the local, regional, and national profile of OUR UNIVERSITY.
7. Attract more talented atheltes to all our programs.
8. Gain additional media exposure.
9. Increase the number of traditional student applications.
10. Enhance the public image of OUR UNIVERSITY.[/COLOR]

The benefits of a football program at Charlotte can not be measured in dollars and cents alone. We can choose to build something special here at Charlotte, or we can leave our other great programs to suffer in obscurity. We will never be the Harvard of the South, but we have a solid academic institution, and football will only serve to help show this to a greater audience.

Voting begins at the above website today at 8am.

[COLOR=green][SIZE=7][B]Please vote students and tell other students to vote too![/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

It may only be a 1st step, but it is vital to the University’s future!

[COLOR=green][SIZE=7][B]GO 9ERS!


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i voted yes.

Thanks for the reminder.

Get everyone you know to vote, one of the reasons for this intial vote is so that specifically non-students have a chance to influence this intiative. Non-students such as parents that may have to pay for extensive increases in students fees, community personages clamoring for football, alumni that want something to come back to, etc…

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How could you not want it to go to a vote? I mean by saying you don’t want it to go to a vote i think you are saying you don’t want football. If you don’t want football you should let it go to a vote so you can vote no, unless you know the harsh reality that the “yes” to football will win.

I like how it’s a vote on whether to vote or not… And you’re right ID, why would vote not to take it to a vote.

During the Atlanta-Cleveland game, Channel 3 ran an ad on why your opinion matters on getting the 49ers a Football Team to be on the 11 news.
First CFI had Ch. 18 on board, & now we have Ch. 3. The CFI movement is growing!!!
Now is the time for Judy & Phil to jump on board.

We’re at 97%, but we still need to get that vote # in the 1000’s, call all your friends!

We're at 97%, but we still need to get that vote # in the 1000's, call all your friends!

Stonecoldken just called only himself.

runs away

[QUOTE=kevinharbin;198630]Stonecoldken just called only himself.

runs away[/QUOTE]
:lmao: Wow! That was a good one Kev!

we are over the 900 mark FOR. I would love to reach 1000 before 5 PM

[QUOTE=ninerID;198635]we are over the 900 mark FOR. I would love to reach 1000 before 5 PM[/QUOTE]

You can vote the Chicago way ID, I am.:mask:

You can vote the Chicago way ID, I am.:mask:

and how is that? with a cow and a lantern?

[QUOTE=kevinharbin;198639]and how is that? with a cow and a lantern?[/QUOTE]

Voting early and OFTEN!:toast:

Sorry, the only specific voting I know of named after a place is Florida voting… No hanging chads folks! I expect a clean result!

Voting early and OFTEN!:toast:

any suggestions on the often? I’m open for it but…

[QUOTE=kevinharbin;198663]any suggestions on the often? I’m open for it but…[/QUOTE]

The link above allows me to vote as often as I want, but it could just be my computer setting.

Either that, or someone else is voting every ten seconds, that would be impressive!