What is the level of success needed to extend Fearnes contract after the season?

The AD can only endorse the collective but they aren’t the ones running it or in charge of it.

I wasn’t pushing against NIL/Collective. I don’t understand why they create a reason to delay a multi-season contract with Fearne. He has earned the position, other schools are inquiring. It doesn’t matter which schools, he has caught the eye of others, more will be calling. I’m glad the deal is done and hope the excitement continues to build.

My fear is just that we still have 3 weeks left in the season and we might have jumped too early but i love fearne, his attitude and coaching and think hes doing a great job.

Why do we hate Mike Hill here?

Men’s Soccer - AAC Champs

Baseball - AAC ranked #2

Softball - AAC ranked #2 and beats #4 FSU

Football - one of the best transfer portals for G5

Men’s BB - Fucking electric

Women’s BB - won CUSA not too long ago, current down year

T&F - doing fantastic things.

We have a a fantastic sports atmosphere at most of our games, even men’s soccer had a record attendance game this past season.

Almost every sport is doing really well. Isn’t that like the job of the AD? Sure, football could’ve been more competitive, but like, so what?


No matter the coach, the AD, no matter the records, there are a few on here that just love to hate. Comes with the open message board.

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Gotted burned on yhe mike houston thing
Hired a sub 500 fcs coach
Gave sanchez 2 extensions
Almost 0 communication with regards to nil
If ron had not. Quit, hed still be our coach and holps would be far from electric
Biff 3-9 in first season
There are plenty of reasons t dislike hill. Lucking into fearne and winning winning cusa once arent reasons to like him.

I’ve met Hill and thought he seemed like a good dude. Anybody is gonna make some good hires and some bad, nature of the beast.

Crickets on expansion is my biggest beef

You still think HIll is a UNC-Chapel Hill plant to ruin our athletics?

I dont remember ever saying that but i dont think hill knows how tovrun big time athletics

Then it’s a good thing for him and us that we’re not big time athletics

It would be a shame if players transferred after demanding Hill to hire Fearne.

I am glad Hill did decide to hire Fearne though!

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  • Mike Houston thing was NOT his fault. Everyone loved the Houston “hire” - and then Houston showed his true colors.

  • Healy breathed life into football, took us to a bowl, put several players in the NFL, and then Hill moved on in adequate amount of time.

  • Sanchez extensions - ok - that was not wise.

  • There are rules regarding the AD and NIL. The AD cannot be directly involved. I think it is smart for Mike to stay arm’s length away.

  • But Ron did quit and Mike needs credit for the moves he made since.

  • Biff has made the college football world take notice of Charlotte football. He may prove to NOT be a great college football coach - but the return thus far has been promising and he seems willing to make adjustments.

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You’re confusing him with another poster.

Mikes two biggest issues are the Ron extensions especially the second one and the lack of new major donors.

You could make the case for the first extension as before Covid derailed that post season it looked like we were headed in the right direction, I still don’t think it was wise though and the second extension can not be defended.

The lack of new major donors is a huge concern. An AD has to be able to raise money winning or not. Typically the big money raising comes in BEFORE the winning. Mike hasn’t brought in any major new funds. The presence of NIL makes that an even bigger challenge. It also ties into the delay in the expansion news.

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Will Healy was FCS coach of the year, wasn’t he?

Its what we are striving to be

He had 1 good season…at austin peay. In no way did he have the resume to deserve the job.

If Covid doesn’t happen and will gets a chance to build on our first ever bowl appearance his time could have gone different. He got us To first ever Bowl game and a ton of pub. It didn’t work out in the end but it wasn’t all bad.

Kinda crazy both he and Ron had their best seasons wrecked by Covid. Just sucks the timing for us. Maybe it would not have made a difference in the end but makes me wonder.

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I agree that Covid messed up a lot of what Will and Ron had from a momentum standpoint.

What really got Will was the recruiting drop off and lack of any sort of Defense. Any.
Loved Will the guy but it just didn’t work.

We were a 4 seed in 2020 for the CUSA tournament and on the floor warming up when they called off the tournament. Never know what could have happened. Still hated the WAY too deliberate offense.

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