Where did you live (on campus) when you were in school?

With all the fancy new dorms popping up everywhere, I thought it’d be interesting to see where NNNers lived on campus when they were in school.

I’ll start off…

03/04 - 915 Holshouser
04/05 - Hawthorne (can’t remember the room #)
05/06 & 06/07 - Martin Village P203

Holshouser was a great freshman experience, one which i think everyone should have, though I wouldn’t want more than one year of it.

Hawthorne was nice. Good location, nice suites. I’m not sure what it’s used for now. Pretty sure it’s still there though.

Martin Village was where the party was at. Spent a very fun two years there.

I spent all four years on campus, which sadly is a rarity. I thoroughly enjoyed every year.

Scott Hall for one Fall semester. Then I got an off campus apartment.

Poplar for a semester, holshouser for a semester and a half. Campus Edge one year and UT North one year.

00-01. Ho-house 5th floor
01-03. UT North in the way back 12006 G(unit)
03-05. Campus Edge 1280 over looking pool

Almost moved back on campus after my UTN days…

Orchard Trace Apts (nice back then, fear for your life ghetto now), Moore 2nd and 6th floors, Phase III (we didn’t call it Smurf Village back then).

Freshman year in freshman dorm. Idiots pulled fire alarm almost every night. I started sleeping in my clothes instead of pajamas.

Hawthorne 313
oak 120
pine 208
Witherspoon 111

Lived on campus wayyy too long but only because the prices are crazy high to live there

1.25 years (05-06) Witherspoon 3rd floor
1.75 years (06-08) Scott 9th floor

02/03 - 5th floor Moore
03/04-04/05 - Oak 110
05/06 - Pine
06/07 - Campus Walk

04-05 - Oak Hall 105 (down the hall from SF)
05-07 - Campus Edge 9290
07-08 - Campus Edge 1260? (Gill knows)
Fall 08 - UT North

Oak 101
Scott 1102
Witherspoon 204

2005-06: 709 Holshouser Hall
2006-07: 715 Scott Hall
2007-08: 201 Pine Hall

905 Scott

Still there

Nugget when did you graduate… I was in Moore 8th floor 78-80, Phase II and then V-202 Phase III as an RA before moving to Orchard Trace…

11-12: Hawthorne 310
12-13: Martin Village P-203
13-14: Will be residing in Wallis (can’t remember number)

Moore 95
Hawthorne 96/97
Smurf (while taking summer classes and working for housing)
Hunt Village 97/98
Orchard Trace Apts. 98/99

Hickory Hall
Martin Village
Then moved off

Seems like forever ago, but here’s what I (think I) remember:

99/00 - Scott Hall
00/01 - Hunt Village
01/02 - Phase III (Smurf)
02/03 - Campus Edge

UT North and Martin Village were thrown in there somewhere.

Nugget when did you graduate… I was in Moore 8th floor 78-80, Phase II and then V-202 Phase III as an RA before moving to Orchard Trace…[/quote]I graduated in '81. I was in Orchard Trace my freshman year (77-78) because I couldn’t get into housing on campus. RA on 6th floor Moore.

91-92: 914 Holshouser (Me and Skoddy were neighbors, just a few years apart)
92-96: 1649 G Arlyn Circle AKA Colville II