Why do Charlotte fans hate ECU?

because I don’t think ECU fans hate charlotte in general. The same goes for UNCW.

Is it because you guys pull for NCSU or UNC in football? Not trying to be sarcastic at all but is that the reason.

I’ve always pulled for Charlotte and thought of them as they are to basketball what ECU is to football in this state. the ACC is the enemy.

I like ECU. I root for them unless they play the Niners. I have several ECU grad friends and we consider ourselves brothers in ACC hatred.

[i]Originally posted by Pork Chop[/i]@Jan 30 2005, 12:58 PM [b] I like ECU. I root for them unless they play the Niners. I have several ECU grad friends and we consider ourselves brothers in ACC hatred. [/b]
which is how it should be.

Father is an ECU alumn. I don’t hate ECU. I hate losing to your really bad team (that’s not flame it’s simply a fact).

ECU fans on the whole are good people. They hate NCSU and the Tar Holes so in that we have something in common.

I don’t think we hate you, we just don’t understand you…

I live in Greenville, and alot of your fans are ignorant of college b ball.

I don’t care enough about ECU to hate them.

Well we aren’t as bad as you want to make us out to be. Solid wins over Pepperdine, Oregon St, Toledo, St. Louis, and Charlotte. Mixed in with shocking losses to Gardner Webb and Western Carolina.

We’ve have a pair of 1 point losses to USF and ODU. Played a brutal schedule, shoulda beat South Carolina.

We’re young and if we don’t get hit by the transfer bug again this year we’ll have a good team next year. A guy like Mike Cook can play for any team in this league.

We’ll all be pulling for you next year.

Fair question. I’ll try to give what I consider a fair answer.

The Herrion Era
7-13 (to date)

not to mention, 10-17 & 13-14 the 2 yrs before Bill Herrion. Part of that time, you were in conference with lesser competition.

Sure, there were some woulda, shoulda, coulda’s in there. We have lots of them over the last 10 years as well. But the bottom line is…That’s a lot of mediocre basketball.

Charlotte & ECU share one thing in common. Thatis, trying to build a basketball program within the shadows of the ACC.

I guess I just don’t understand a school can go 8 straight years without a winning record. I would have a lot more respect for ECU in there were some tangible signs of success, at least once every 2-3 years.

Sorry, 14-14 is not a winning record.

Oasis why don’t ya go ask the meat head Hormel and the rest of the flamers and you will get your answer.

I think you do have a good young team and no one here thought this game was going to be a gimmie. You have a great home court thing going and that is directly related to the students so rock on. But if you expect to come over to our board and start picking individuals statements after a tough loss to make threads about you are thinned skinned. What did you expect us to be doing…singing yalls praises? That was a tough loss for us… let us vent.

TWo pof their wins are against Division II foes this year. So according to the RPI/selection committee, they only have 5 wins. How humiliating for both teams.

[i]Originally posted by gamer[/i]@Jan 30 2005, 01:09 PM [b] We'll all be pulling for you next year. [/b]
I won't, only team in CUSA I might cheer for is UAB.

Oasis, I read the greenville papers every day and your message board alot…

Herrion is in trouble I knew this would be a tough game it alwaus is down here

The worst thing you could do is get rid of Herrion, but alot of your fans are upset with the losing and constant “young players”, etc

Holland is out for blood and I am afraid Herrion is gone and who will coach?

[i]Originally posted by SilvioDante[/i]@Jan 30 2005, 01:10 PM [b] I guess I just don't understand a school can go 8 straight years without a winning record. [/b]
it probably has something to do with basketball not being ECU's bread and butter (obviously) like it is Charlotte's. it's still a revenue sport, but we're a football school (although we've sucked at that too lately, it still draws big crowds) and baseball is our big success (along with olympic sports) ... basketball has never been good here at ECU, and while we're trying to build a program, kids would still probably rather go to Charlotte than ECU for it.

i understand your frustrations … but it’s not the end of the season. like someone mentioned on here, there’s usually one great team that goes down in Minges each year. marquette was ranked #9 and lost in here (twice). i see it as a compliment to your team that our fans rushed the court … it was truly an accomplishment to beat you guys

good luck the rest of the way – i’ve always liked charlotte (although some of your “fans” on here are being a little Wolfpecker-ish) and know you’ll do great in the future … you have a great program down there … it kinda sucks that you don’t get more pub in your own city

I hate everything that is not the Charlotte 49ers

Not hating on ECU, just hate that we lost to you.

id bet you big money that charlotte will not play in greenville again. The resason i hate them is the same reason i hate st louis, you both suck really bad and play that physical style although st louis did win the cusa tournament once, and yet you sometimes upset teams in your building.

Well, one thing is for sure, I love the 49’ers!! You guys are so gracious in wining and losing. I love the class you guys constantly show no matter what happens. What a great bunch of good sports you guys are!

Hey Hummell, who’s watching the manure pit in Greenville while you’re typing on the one computer at the county library?