Will Healy expected to be Charlotte's next Head FB Coach

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Alright, time to rally round the flag boys!

Welcome Coach Healy!


Welcome coach! Now get here and flip some of those 3*s that had committed to previous regimes at Appy and ECU.


I’m actually pretty excited about this. He sounds like the kind of guy I’ve always coveted for Charlotte - high energy, great marketer/recruiter/fundraiser.

“The belief is spreading. I ate lunch with Healy at a local restaurant that had no Austin Peay paraphernalia up just one season ago, and I’m staring at a huge flag in front of our table and a barrage of red as you enter the door. Austin Peay is getting single donations on a weekly basis that top what was raised all of last season. The year before Healy arrived, Austin Peay hosted 23 recruits over the course of five home games. Through four games this year, 604 have been in the stands. In Healy’s first junior day at the spring game of 2016, 40 recruits showed up. Last spring, even after an 0-11 season, recruits and family members numbered 575 people at the same event.”

Please make first visits into Charlotte-Mecklenburg High Schools.


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APSU Head Football Coach Will Healy p2


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I wrote about this in the prospective coaches thread. My initial reaction was not positive, but after more research, I think he’s exactly what we need. Can’t wait to get started.

High risk and potentially high reward. The name certainly wont draw back the fans we have lost so it’ll be 2020 before we see his impact on support.

I’m hoping he is cheap so we can dump more money into coordinators than we would have with Houston making 7 figures.

BOT meets this afternoon to ratify the contract.

clt will hate losing him in 5 years to bama or clemson.

If Healy made $200k this year, I suggest we give him

  • $450k package plus incentives
  • $50k for winning the C-USA East
  • $50k for winning C-USA
  • $50k for winning a bowl
  • $50k for being ranked in the top 25
  • $1M for winning the National Championship

It might mean we are doing great.

You can make it $5 mil for winning the nat’l championship, cause it isn’t gonna happen.

Obviously not our first choice (the whole world knows that), but I think he’s got lots of potential. If he can sell Austin Peay to recruits, fans, and alumni, I think he can do big things here.

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See also: UCF

I’d up some of those incentives.

$100k for winning C-USA

$50k for a bowl appearance, another $50k for winning it

$100k for an access bowl appearance, doubled for winning

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if Healy starts to build something here, we all need to become closet Vandy and UT fans.

I hope this source is wrong

It’s not.

I like the hire! He has a lot of enthusiasm, he recruited at a high level for AP, turned around a bad program, energized the community to support the school and seems like a high quality individual who cares about his players. Now just hire the right staff and I think our program will be going in the right direction. Welcome Coach Healy!