Will Healy New Coach


I’ll post this here and we’ll see if Healy can do anything to climb out of the CUSA recruiting basement for the 2019 class (currently ranked 12th of 14 teams in CUSA). Late in the game, but there are some kids out there that are gettable.


I wasn’t too thrilled about the hire at first. Now after reading what some of the big time coaches have said about it, I feel much better. Lets see what he does staff wise and finishing out this recruiting class.


With App staff up in the air as well as UNC and ECU there is an opportunity to go win some kids.


Not sure if it is a fit…but Healy apparently covets athletic dual threatt QB’s. Satterfield recently dismissed from App a highly recruited Freshman QB (Stephon Brown) that was touted as a 6’5" 220 lb future of the program type of dual threat QB.

Obviously…grades or something worse happened to get him booted from the team and Healy & Hill may not want to go there (especially after the Kevin Olsen experiment) but sounds like a guy that Healy could absolutely build his offense around.

He could be a cancer/trouble maker we need to stay away from too…but it may be worth at least a high level inquiry.


Gold Mine Live is on YouTube every week. I stopped watching it with Lambert a long time ago.


clt says CHeat hired a retread and the ECU coach has serious credibility issues. Appy has no coach.

Let’s go get some student athletes!



Mike Hill on ESPN 730 this morning:



After reading and hearing all the accolades, and listening to Will’s speeches and seeing his enthusiasm,
recruiting success and accomplishments…make me ask why he wasn’t our first choice ?!
I love this guy and am now relieved we didn’t hire that JMU :eggplant:


Seems like Healey is in for a big upgrade from the facilities at AP


Not where luxury seating is concerned:


That’s something we can fix though. Winning and someone with some fire will for sure get us some more seats and boxes. Hill and Healy aren’t down with being average.


I’m depressed Austin Peay even has it and we don’t.


Judy got her box, so that is all that matters.


I’ve heard no one’s been in it for years…


Don’t want to derail the thread but I’d love to see some temp suites like they have at golf tournaments added. Generate some revenue and interest from big spenders. Hill was willing to bring in temps seats last year, so we’ll see.




William & Mary does something like this for a few hospitality suites, etc. It’s fine, but it looks a little small time (though the income is certainly nice). They do have a nice press box and some suites in the new second deck.


That’s funny right there…



I’m guessing ours would look kinda similar after after adding a desk on the home side. Looks really nice and I’m sure ours would have a little more character.


Hey, hey, hey - Zable was built in 1935 and has tons of character (probably too much). Brick arches all the way around, old cedar trees inside the stadium, etc.

Don’t you dis the college of knowledge, yo. :sunglasses: