Will Healy New Coach


Fair enough, I like the arches just not the track and the liberty press box on top.


Getting back on topic… I’d love to be a fly on the wall over the next few weeks… local high school coaches I’m sure are going to see more of The C than they have o er the last few years combined.

I’m really curious what his coaching staff is going to look like. I’d imagine there will be some veterans as the coordinators


I asked the same thing in the chat and no one answered. Makes me concerned that if Houston would have accepted, what things Hill overlooked/didn’t catch (character, purpose, etc) in the first place just to get a name hire. Things seemed to have worked out for the better, but we could have been easily stuck with that JMU :eggplant: if he would have accepted. Either way, it’s the past, I trust Hill and look forward to the presser…Healy has my full support.


I have to think Healy hired the best guys he could find to join him at a school that had not won since Nixon was in office, in a town that isn’t very nice, for very little money. He probably feels attached to those guys for getting him here, and they know his program–but otherwise it seems like none of them would be stellar choices.


Has his intro presser been scheduled?


Today at 2:30 at JRS


Can someone post a link to the replay of the press conference? I am stuck in Greenville this afternoon.


clt says Dowless is mike houston?


No, Classless is Houston, Dowless is another guy.


Missed the press conference. Hopefully will be link soon


You can watch it here:

Fast forward a bit to get into the actual presser


Watched the presser and I love the guy! Who knows how it will all turn out, but 49er fan or not, you can’t help but pull for this guy to do great things here.


His enthusiasm is contagious! We now have the right AD in Mike Hill and the right football coach in Will Healy to lead our program. We won’t win every game, but we will compete and he will make us proud. Can’t wait for this to start!


This is going to sound kind of dumb but hope some of you follow.

Will Healy became an FBS coach today, and Charlotte became an FBS program today. I think with Hill/Healy, things are not going to be run like an FCS program.

Will it show in the wins column, maybe. But today it was clearly stated we elevating how this program will be handled and viewed.


Makes total sense and I agree 100%. With Sanchez and Healy in place, Hill now his own guys running the two major programs and on the same page regarding his vision.

I’ve said it multiple times but I keep getting more excited about the future and this only helps. I haven’t been this positive on Niner Athletics since ‘03.


Is he still filming Top Gun2? Cool dude. Rooting for him. Now, Mike Hill, bring in the Old Football coach Steve for a very brief period to introduce this young man to all his High School friends. Hill and Healy can sell


So the right AD was hired who hired the right basketball coach and then the right football coach? Sounds like the opposite of charlotte athletics.



WCNC Interview (edit fixed link)


clt says we need to thank Mike Houston!