Will Healy New Coach



That article says he coached in Texas.


Austin haha. Still was a decent article aside from that error.


Good to see we are looking to capitalize on the Healy excitement by selling tickets!!

$149 season tickets on sale now and that also gets you a parking pass and an invite to a meet & greet with Coach.


Interesting. I wonder what FSL owners can expect?


I don’t expect anything. I didn’t get FSL’s for perks. I got them to ensure we’d have a program.


I don’t expect anything either. I also got my FSL’s as an investment in the program and may be purchasing another one soon.

I probably wouldn’t be able to attend any event offered anyway.

However, I do think that some who purchased a FSL’s did so expecting some perks and it might behoove the program to consider that, especially when FSL owners pay full ticket prices. It’s important to keep everyone happy, especially your most loyal customers.


I second this. I do remember as an original FSL owner we did get to tour the facilities. Although the day of the tour the locker and weight rooms were blocked off due to recruits being in the building.


I’ll be your fly on the wall at our school lol


Presser is now on youtube:


You can listen to his interview on 730AM now as well:






Healy is definitely on the opposite end of the spectrum from Sanchez when it comes to
getting you fired up about the program !


Is there some way for me to make my seats permanent, and buy FSL’s now? I was still in college when we got a team. As somebody who follows the program as closely as I do, and I don’t know the answer to this, I’m sure it’s an answer that should be publicized


I know you can buy FSLs, but you’re current section isn’t an FSL section.

That said, I’m sure they’d be willing to let you keep those seats if you wanted.


Clayton come on over to 111


I have FSLs and sit in 113 because my friends are there.


I just bought two!


Call the 49er Club office at 704-687-4950 and they will be able to help you. Call during lunch and see if they have fixed this problem.

EDIT: It occurs to me that if Healy can do what he thinks he can, and if our attendance grows at even 25% of what APSU’s did under him, then every game will be a sell out until we expand. FSLs may be the only way to guarantee you get tickets. Or maybe I am dreaming.