Will Healy New Coach


we should for real start payment plans like the panthers. I’d do it tomorrow. I don’t have 1000 bucks laying around though


Call them. I believe they can be flexible.


When I bought mine a few years ago they actually asked if I wanted monthly payments.


Any phone call they receive that starts with “I would like to give you money” should be followed by “What can we do to assist you”.



They offer that. You just have to have it paid off by like August. You can do it through your ticket account.


Frank Garcia made the comment after their interview today with Mike Hill that “Charlotte HSs don’t trust” the Charlotte 49ers football program. What does that mean? I sent them a text asking them to elaborate. Any thoughts?


Stuff I’ve seen is perception Charlotte doesn’t recruit locally and/or we won’t take the leftovers, which breeds resentment among the HS coaches.


That’s too bad. I get it in one sense, but it’s very unfair to us to expect us to take leftovers cause we’re “Charlotte” and not a “name” school. Anyway, I think Healy will heal (pun intended) these hurt butts and get us in better graces with them. I think we initially really tried to get the best local kids, but they rejected us and what was left was not as good as we could get in another area. VERY UNFAIR to us, but it’s the reality I guess.
So now we need to fix this as best we can, if we can, because I’m not sure this is something we can overcome since the players that could make a difference for us will continue to want to go to the “name” schools. We may just be screwed. Hope Healy can change that. I think he’ll try. Hope.




I think several of the high school coaches expect us to take their FCS type of players and be happy. I give our current coaches a couple of years and then you will see some of the local coaches making the same comments.


They probably did because we were consistently recruiting FCS level kids from outside our area.


I think there’s merit in both takes on this. Really has put us between the proverbial rock and hard place.


New staff should 100% not held accountable for the previous regimes failures.


The whole hs coaches being mad doesn’t make logical sense to me. Why wouldn’t we be able to “want” who we want?


Part of what can set Healy’s staff apart is being honest with coaches about the kids we want, but being open-minded about kids we can look at as projects and preferred walk-ons. We’ll have to take a few of those types of kids to get into the good graces of some coaches, and that’s fine. Remember, Alex Highsmith was a walk-on, and now he’s First Team All CUSA. As long as they fit the culture and are willing to work, we’ll find some diamonds in the rough that way.

On the other hand, we also need to set our sights high on kids that are borderline P5 types and really convince them, gently (and this is the hard part) that their best hope of playing time a school like UGA or Clemson or Bama might be as a 4th or 5th year senior, and that they might only get slightly more utilized earlier in their careers at places like GT, Tennessee, or CH. Those are the types of kids that we need to get to buy into their ability to stay close to home, get a solid education, and play early and often throughout their careers. The 3 and occasional 4* kids that can really be standouts in CUSA but might need a little extra help getting there. We also have NFL players that we can point to now, so that can’t be used as their excuse.

And of course, landing one or two big name transfers per year and backfilling with JUCOs when appropriate can add much-needed age and experience to our roster, and that will be huge.




“You look at what Lane Kiffin did at FAU and that’s what Will Healy can do for you at Charlotte, put you on the national stage”


After hearing Healy on Wilson and Parcell today, I’m 100% in on him being the right hire! Can’t wait to see the results on the field.


Agreed, before our game last nigth Frank and I had a good talk about recruiting locally. It isn’t about getting a HS’ FCS guys it’s about freaking showing up to them. Lambert wasn’t at Mallard Creek for 2-3years, they have a couple guys in that span that we could’ve easily landed. It’s about showing that you care and taking time to build those relationships which Lambert never did. Period.