Will Healy New Coach


First Team meeting:


Healy is mentioned (very briefly) in this article about the transition for FCS coaches to FBS.


Hearing there is new assistant coaches in the building,when will there be an official announcement

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IAge today is not completely overrated, but there is plenty of young talent that better understands today’s game, including the relationships and technology that go with it. I would rather have Healy than some fraud that thinks he needs just one more stepping stone. Healy should rock it. The Steelers hired Chuck Noll at age 37 to tear down and build an NFL team. Four superbowls later, they hired Cowher at no older than 35. Tomlin was probably younger than that when he was hired. All those dudes did it their way. Even so, Tomlin kept Lebeau when he was ancient, because he was still badass, productive and an effective leader. Young and dumb sucks as bad as old and tired, but don’t bet against the likes of Coach Healy.


i’m not so sure Healy is “dumb”. He just might be what many young ballers are looking for. with, or without, knowing it. he keeps talking about a “culture”. i have a feeling we don’t even know what he’s talking about yet. a lot of kids need and value “Family”.


Dummies don’t go to the Air Force Academy. Healy is a smart guy.


I used to play poker with a guy who played the rube dumb redneck card (wordplay?). He played under the radar and somewhat stupid, but he always won big hands and left up money.
I think Healy is playing the young nice enthusiastic young coach game and will leave with recruits.
I’m very optimistic so far.


That’s kind of the vibe I get. He smiles (a little goofy like) and says, shucks I know I look 13 but I’ll bet he can be direct and shrewd, when he needs to be.


To be clearer, I do not believe that Healy is dumb or too young.


Good article. Three things jump out at me:

  • Butch Davis is building a program, Lane Kiffen was patching holes in the boat. I am glad to see that Davis is probably going to fare better. I am even more glad that those two schools have finally decided to put on their big boy pants.
  • The jury is still out on Healy, but the comment “Buying the heck out of this team for 2020, though.” warms my heart.
  • MTSU, WKU and ODU have gotten out of our way and now there is a path to the top of the East Division. It is a good time to be getting better.
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Podcast featuring Will Healy:


For the non-Apple inclined of us, here’s the same podcast


BTW the hoodie Healy has been wearing on the sidelines has been secured in very limited quantities. If you’re interested in one, reach out to Chris Fuller on Twitter or via email with the size you want. I believe it’s 49 total hoodies or there about and they’re going for $125 each.

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BOOOO! Gonna shock the world.