Will Healy’s staff


Any word on Staff. Anyone know if Will Healy is bringing any of his former staff and/or retaining any of our present staff


Durning (Strength & Conditioning) is out.


Where did you see that?


Someone mentioned it in the chat and I was able to confirm it.


I seem to remember him speaking very highly of his strength and conditioning guy in his interviews or maybe it was a youtube clip. This was never a surprise


Probably going to take a lot of heat but I believe that with the energy Healy brings as a leader, if he kept the current OC and DC, they will be able to open up their playbooks unlike last year. Both are accomplished (defense was especially salty this year) coaches. Now before I take heat over the offense, I have very credible knowledge that the offense was essentially handcuffed by Lambert this year. Let me expand, if a play was successful early on, Lambert essentially ordered at halftime we keep with the same calls, assuming that the opposing defensive coaches wouldn’t adjust. Well, that proved to be wrong. So many opportunities were left on the field because the OC was overridden. We rarely ran crossing routes or attacked the middle of the field in the passing game, relied too much on screen passes that proved unsuccessful and didn’t utilize the TE position (which remains one of the most underguarded receiver position on the field and a huge mismatch for the defense)


I agree & have already taken a little heat for saying we should at least try to keep Spencer. Would be fine with Montgomery staying too unless Healy has someone better. If he doesn’t keep them I hope he can bring in some FBS experience to replace them.


FWIW, I agree with both of you. I realize a new coach is likely to bring in his own people, but Healy praised the defensive turnaround in his presser… Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I think Spencer is a very capable DC, and I’d love to keep him if both guys are amenable to the idea.


Its not just you. There is no doubt Spencer is good and we should keep him (if possible).


Spencer is a phenomenal D Coordinator and he should absolutely be kept, as well as Montgomery, who I believe with the young energy Healy brings can and will do amazing things with the offense


I am not sure we got to see what Montgomery can do. If he had an OL and a QB it might have been completely different.


Imagine what Spencer would be able to with the recruits Healy is likely to sign, I doubt he’s retained but the vast majority of the fan base would be ecstatic if he were.


Y’all are alllsaying retained. Who’s to say he wants to stay?


That’s a good question, I think it would have been tough to keep him here even if Lambert was still the coach. Spencer definitely raised his profile this year.


He would like to stay. That I know.


With what Healy is making, I would think we could afford what it takes to retain him. Assuming interest.


I said "if possible ".


Would be great if we could keep both Coordinators. Montgomery has had success about everywhere he has been, and it would be nice to see what he could do here if given the opportunity. At the same time, I’m on board with whatever Healy wants to do in regards to the staff.


AHC / safeties coach James Adams not being retained


Huh, thought someone mentioned that he was one being retained.