Will Healy’s staff


He is the type of coach that would excel under good leadership. Wish James nothing but the best. Hate this happened, but he will land on his feet for sure.



No word on Spencer yet?


Not yet.


Just going out on a limb that he will want to bring Carter Crutchfield, his director of football operations and recruiting, over to Charlotte.
I also think he will bring his strength and conditioning coach from APSU.
I know he was close with Marcus West, who was his defensive coordinator in 2017 but is now at Minnesota as pass rush coach. I’m not sure if he would want to change jobs again.


West’s wife is a coach at NCSU , so he may want to get closer to her.


Forgot about that, very good point. Also, nice user name! My last name is Bartholomew. Ha


Ha. My name is Bert and I have a friend who calls me Bertholemew.


Both make a lot of sense.


It doesn’t sound like Spencer is coming back.


What is that based on?


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Recruiting and in-game decisions were my main reasons for not wanting Lambert retained. He pulled the trigger on the last coordinators too late. Mullins was 2 years overdue.


Finally have a staff member confirmed, keep up with it all here:


Laskowski was Healy S&C guy at APSU, right?




Curious when they will announce his staff. Hear there are new assistant coaches there now


Maybe tomorrow, so we can either savor the news or seethe over it during the weekend.


Who are some of Healy’s former assistants that left AP & are currently coaching at FBS programs?


2018 OC: Wesley Satterfield (3rd season)
2018 DC: Brandon Cooper (2nd season)
2017 DC: Marcus West (2nd season)

2018 assistant additions: Brandon Jackson, Rod Ojong, Fred Tate, and Turner West

2018 staff

2017 Staff

2016 Staff