Will Healy’s staff


Won’t be Satterfield.


The recruiting coordinator is here that was with him there


That would be Carter Crutchfield.


Mark Carney is the new QB Coach, was the OC at Virginia State.

More info here: https://govsutrojans.com/coaches.aspx?path=football&rc=354


Spencer staying in C-USA but not as a Niner.


USM Cornerbacks Coach now on staff. Was AP’s Cornerback Coach before going to USM this past season.




Co-DC/SF is Brandon Cooper from Austin Peay

CB is Eddie Hicks from So Miss

QB is Mark Carney from VA State

RC/DOFO is Carter Crutchfield from AP

S&C is Chris Laskowski from AP


Any word on OC yet


I would like to see some assistant coaches with FBS experience.


I guess So Miss doesn’t count as FBS since we are .500 with them?


Agree. So far this is basically the AP coaching staff with Healy’s college quarterback coach who has been coaching CIAA which is division 2. The coach from Southern Miss was only there 1 year & they were not great. Recruiting is looking up but still not feeling confident about this staff. I am very very very far from being an expert so I hope I am wrong. Just feels like this staff may have a lot of growing pains at the FBS level.


Healy pretty much told us he was only going with people he trusted not to backstab him. The fact he’s only bringing in people he knows already and they are former FCS coaches should be no surprise to us after that statement from him at the press conference. Pretty much doing what he said he would.


There is at least one other position coach coming with FBS expereience. Maybe 2, from just the bit of twitter snooping I have done. I wouldn’t worry too much yet.

I imagine some of the potential FBS assistant coaches may be sticking around through bowl games before heading this way.


any word on what Shane Montgomery is doing? I think we underrate the job he did this year.


I don’t believe he’ll be doing anything here.


Is fbs coaching really that didn’t from fcs coaching besides the talent to have to coach? I don’t care who Healy hires, it’s his ass on the line at the end of the day. If he makes bad hires, he’ll be out of a job.

Besides, I’m sure there are plenty of fbs coaches that suck by whatever sucky coaching standards there are. If we are hiring a HC from fcs ranks, shouldn’t matter then to hire good fcs assistants if he thinks they are capable.


Updated: https://agent49.net/will-healy-staff-tracker/

7 spots open. I don’t think it’ll take long before we hear on the OC. Carter Crutchfield doesn’t not count against the cap of 10 assistants.


Another update, we have a Linebackers coach now. Also 2 support staff members are being retained.

EDIT: added several more support roles.


clt wonders if Healy was recruiting any panthers staff last night